Casey Testimonial

“Annie describes herself as an intuitive medium that helps people “get the biggest bang out of life possible.” She can communicate with the spirits of both people and animals that have crossed over. She is quirky, kind, and a breath of fresh air.

Her psychic experiences began 35 years ago, and she’s been doing readings for the past 11 years. With a master’s degree in social work, she’s kind of a little powerhouse! She is able to create a safe place for people to open up and share information, while also helping them to feel supported and comfortable.

Annie offers unique services such as: intuitive development coaching, reiki for people and animals, spiritual counseling, she even does psychic parties…how fun would that be??? I felt very safe in her presence and I am SO grateful for our time together. I think Annie and I spent almost three hours together, and that was interesting for sure…but what it’s what happened outside our session that was the MOST interesting. Prepare yourself for some goosebumps people as you read through this!!!

I’ve met with mediums before, but they’ve all been tarot card readers and I kind of felt like this was a more intimate experience because she was communicating directly with these spirits… it was just different for me. I felt like these spirits were right there in the room with me; it was a bit trippy! I asked her specific questions such as “should I send my daughter Kinley to a private school because I’m terrified she’s going to turn into a robot with the new 1:1 ipad rollout?” Her responses were very concise, but beautifully articulated. My favorite was “Give up the illusion that you have control over anything.” Wowza! That kind of rocked my world a little. She was also very specific in her predictions, but reminded me these predictions are only possibilities. She saw Kin as being very verbal and becoming a writer…she also saw her playing the drums!! That kid never stops talking and now I’m going to have to listen to her beating on drums all day in the future, GREAT!!

Annie also shared with me that I have a very powerful intuition that I could develop if I wanted. I kind of chuckled to myself as I have kids screaming at me all day long; the last thing I need is dead people gabbing in my ear as well!!

We then moved on to the meat of the session….chatting with some of my relatives!!  Opa, my husband’s grandfather, passed away when I was about 4 months pregnant with my son. There was a moment at my daughter’s 2nd birthday where he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my belly and placed his hands on my little baby bump. In that moment, I knew he was going to be with my children no matter what, I felt it. He died 3 months after that and that was last time we saw him. I thought it would be neat to reconnect with him first, so Annie dialed up the heaven phone and guess what? She said he was BUSY EATING CHERRY PIE!!!!! At first I got a little emotional, Oma used to make a cherry dessert for Thanksgiving and I remember him eating it, so it was validating…but then I thought to myself, “YES, they have dessert in Heaven!! God, I hope they have GIGI’S CUPCAKES waiting for me when I get there!!!” This was a revelation for me.

Anyway, I guess he finished up his pie and was then available to speak because he came through very clearly after that. I asked how my daughter could connect with him more because she talked about him all the time still. He responded that he “doesn’t want to freak her out,” but he can visit her in her dreams if she would like. Annie talked about how fear creates a “concrete wall” from our loved ones that have passed. If we are afraid to see or feel them, they will often steer clear of connecting directly with us because they don’t want to scare us. Being still is also important. We are all so busy and constantly being stimulated by technology or just the craziness of our lives, that we don’t even allow ourselves time to be available for messages from our loved ones. I also think it can be easy to brush these messages off and chalk it up to coincidence, but it’s certainly way more fun and magical to believe in these everyday miracles.

As Annie continued with our session, she looked up and said “Opa’s showing me a picture of Kinley in a pink tutu dress. He said he was so proud of her, that he loves her very much, and that she should always be who she is and resist the urge to conform!!” I loved this, but I have to admit, I thought about Kin’s closet and she didn’t really own any pink tutu dresses. She is more of a t-shirt and pants kind of gal so I have to admit I had some doubt about this one….BUT, about 2 nights after my session with Annie, I was cleaning up Kinley’s room and I found this picture….

This picture was taken at Kin’s 2nd birthday, the last time we saw Opa…when we had that beautiful moment where I knew he’d be with my kids forever.(I warned you about the goosebumps!!)

The second soul we connected with, well that story is still unfolding so I’m saving that for a separate blog. To give you a glimpse into it though, I’ll share a little bit of background about it. When my mom was 10 years old, she found her father dead in the garage… this was obviously incredibly traumatic for her, but it has also left her with so many unanswered questions!! I brought these questions to Annie and she reported that my grandfather had not yet made it to the light. He knows he’s dead, he just feels awful for the pain that he has caused my mom and he is still holding onto a lot of fear, guilt, and remorse. After Annie channeled a very long conversation with him, my mom has had some interesting experiences that I would love to share with you… but again, this story is still unfolding… so, it’s to be continued!!!!!

Annie is not only a skilled medium, but a really great person. If you decide to book a party with her, give me a call and I’ll bring the wine!!

She is available to meet at an office in Broad Ripple on Mondays, Fridays, and a couple Saturdays a month. She also loves to meet with clients outside at parks, she can meet you at your house, wherever you feel most comfortable. Below is her contact info. I highly suggest checking out her website as her blogs are hilarious!!” Casey V., Indianapolis