Yes! I can marry you and your partner, AND include your pets in both the planning and in the ceremony! See People and Pets Weddings below.

Every service I offer is designed to help you be your happiest. Being truly happy from the inside out, independent of external circumstances, is the best gift you can give to yourself and others. When you radiate peace and happiness from within, you light up the world around you—everyone you interact with is touched by your light. There is nothing selfish about seeking your own joy because in lacking it for yourself, you have none to share with anyone else.

Your beloved pet, either here in a body or in Spirit, can also speak to us during your session at no extra charge. If they want to talk to us, I connect with them and share any insight they may have for you. Animals are remarkably wise counselors and often wish to advise their human friends.


Your furry ones are your family, and who better to include in your nuptials than your dog/cat/iguana/whoever?

Only if your pet wants to be in on the party, I communicate with them and ask their guidance in both the wedding planning and the ceremony. Animals are such intensely wise beings, often enhanced with a fabulous sense of humor–they are the ultimate wedding planners! We can also speak with them on proper behavior during the wedding, helping them be a treasured member of the wedding soiree.

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