About Annie

About AnnieI am a psychic medium who helps humans and their animal friends get the biggest bang out of life possible. I guide folks and their furry ones on their path to experiencing maximum inner joy. Inner joy matters—if you are cranky and perpetually in a state of “GRRR!!!”, you only spread that to everyone you meet. Focusing on your own internal well-being benefits you, your family, your employer…..on down the line. Whatever is in the way of your bliss, you and I together can open a can of whoop ass on it.

My business and blog are for anyone who adores all things Psychic and Intuitive, along with their sidekicks, Happiness and Spirituality.

My psychic experiences began 35 years ago, and I have continued to learn and grow as a professional psychic throughout the years. I have been offering readings since 2005, for both individuals and at parties. I added reiki to my repertoire at that point also. I have an M.A. in social work and was a counselor in various capacities before I began my business. It is so fulfilling to me to use my counseling skills serving human and animal clients in a way that feels spiritually aligned with who I am. So who am I exactly? I am a wife, kitty mommy, friend, daughter and all the usual roles many chicks fulfill. But I do it all with a kooky sense of humor, a passion for travel and adventure (anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with me?), and a real need to add lots of happiness to this world before I kick the bucket. Plus, I am thoroughly enamored of zumba, dancing, and dark chocolate.

Ready to discover your answers on how to be happier? Great! Schedule a session with me now. 317-440-8783