Do Animals Find Flatulence to Be Funny?


“I am enamored of your farts.”

Don’t ask me why–perhaps it is genetic (we found a bevy of typed fart jokes in my grandpa’s desk drawer after he died)-but I think passing wind, tooting, poofing, cropdusting, whatever term you wish to use to describe small explosions betwixt the butt cheeks, to be riotously hilarious. Every. Single. Time.

Much to my amazement, some animals also think farts are hysterical too. I once conversed with two dogs who professed to miss their human grandfather. Come to find out, one of the main reasons they loved to be around this kindly old man was because of his boisterous wind passing. The sound delighted them, and of course, being dogs, they thought the smell to be heavenly !  They even inquired of their mom when Grandpa would return to see them so they could enjoy his ass music. LOL!!!!!

Stories like this are one of the multitude of reasons I adore being an animal communicator.

Can a Psychic/Animal Communicator Pick Up When Someone Will Die?

My Most Comical Moments as an Animal Communicator

My answer to that question is this: kinda and kinda not. Hey, aren’t you thankful that I am being so specific? LOL!

My most common experience pertaining to a soul leaving its body is that departure time often changes. Animals will tell me that they are healthy, and their energy feels lively. Next thing I  know, a week later, out of the body. As with  us, illness can strike animals with lightening fast speed, sometimes followed by death. When my dad was wretchedly ill in the last two to three years of his life, I would often get a strong premonition that his time was up–Grim Reaper was on the way. Sure enough, usually he would wind up back in the ER, barely breathing, but the medical staff’s ministrations always did the trick of reviving him. Until that last hospital stay, when his tired body finally pooped out on him.

The will to live profoundly affects when the body expires. All mammalian bodies can withstand incredible illness and disease, but yet the soul remains in the body. They just can’t leave because they want to stay. Then one day, either peace is made with transitioning into Spirit, or the body simply can’t do it anymore (or a combo of the two), and physical death occurs.

I have had a single experience of knowing when someone would die, and the time frame of death. I opened my altar to chant, when suddenly I knew that my great aunt was going to die that night, sometime between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 am. By damn, she did. I have no clue why I received that one spot on, and it has never been that clear any other time. Not that I am complaining. I hate knowing when people and animals will die, and I usually try to filter that information.

Thanks for giving this the attention of your eyeballs. Keep in mind that this blog reflects my learning as a hospice volunteer for 4 years, and a psychic medium and animal communicator for 10-15 years. If your truth is something different, that is jolly. Please share it! I am always open to learning.




I’d Heard Rats are Good Pets…..My Experience Living With and Loving a Rat

IMG_2001A Beautiful Soul in a Tiny Body

On a frigid spring day earlier this year (April 27th, to be exact), I gazed tiredly out my bedroom window and observed my stoner neighbor with a small cage and an even smaller furry animal hunched up in it.  I threw the window open and inquired who was in the cage. Long story short, he didn’t want her anymore and was turning her loose.  Due to my dippy state of mind, it took me a hot second to figure out she would quickly die in the cold winds since she had never lived outdoors.

Of course I hightailed it out the front door and brought her in. And the rest, as they say, is history.

My friend Lynda is an avid fan of rats, so I thought she could direct us to a rat rescue. We didn’t need another pet, and Bea (our cat) absolutely didn’t want another animal in the crib. As I watched the rodent hungrily inhale every  morsel I gave her, I knew that she was ours. I simply couldn’t let her leave. It was pretty much rat love at first sight.

I quickly arranged a conversation with our animal communicator. I learned that her name is Christina. I also discovered she wanted to stay with us, even though we couldn’t get another rat (they are highly social and need to live in pairs). We decided we would be her parents and playmates.

I knew it would be fun to have her, but I never expected to become so attached to her so quickly! We talked frequently, and she was a witty and loving companion. I do wonder if she was an angelic energy in a rat body. I haven’t met another creature who radiated love and joy the way Christina did.

In our eyes, she could do no wrong. Chew on the couch blanket? No biggie. That made her happy, so it was all good. Chomp on my organic tampons kept under the bathroom sink, where she played and rummaged about? I pulled the wrapper off them and laughed myself senseless as she vigorously fluffed up that tampon with her teeth!

She LOVED to cuddle and sat with my hubby on the couch each night, placing her head into his hand or crawling under his shirt. She was like a teeny canine–super loving and playful, minus the big turds, behavior issues, and massive vet bills.

Rats have a shitily short life span. 😦

She was unable to recover from the inner ear infection which was ravaging her system last Sunday, so we stayed with her while our stellar vet helped her out of her pain. It really sucks.

Christina’s body was only in our home for 3 months and almost 3 weeks. Her energy and love will be in our hearts forever.

On a brighter note, she has promised to return to us. She wants to reincarnate as a baby rat and experience a longer life as our rodent. We are thrilled, and it does provide some comfort as we grieve the physical loss of her body. She and I are still conversing too, which is helpful. But I would give damn near anything to have her back healthy and happy.



My Most Comical Moments as an Animal Communicator

Animal communication is a very rewarding to share with families. It is also hysterically funny at times. Here are some good giggles I have gotten over the years.

Having my tit mistaken for a squeaky toy ranks right up there! The dog was out of his wee marbles with bliss that we were going to talk, and also feeling anxious. As his stout body swirled in a circle next to me, attempting to climb onto my leg and slobber all over my head, he suddenly chomped down onto one of mine bosoms. I flopped back onto the couch and lost it cackling!

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Daisy’s Discourse on Death


There was no blog last Friday because I was simply overwhelmed with grief. It was the one year anniversary of our dog Daisy’s passing. At times, I do quite well without her in her physical body. Other times, I really am not worth a shit. Friday was one of the “not worth a shit” days.

Daisy was truly my best friend, teacher and offspring all rolled into one feisty, yappy, four-legged pumpkin head of a pooch. The Universe broke the mold when it brought forth Doodalee Dimitri. Continue reading “Daisy’s Discourse on Death”

Part 2 of the Jocular Post, “How Do You Deal with Skeptics?”


So Wowsy Woosy!!! I had a fabulous conversation today and was simply compelled to write about it.

I asked a lady what she thought prompted folks to be skeptical about animal communication, psychic ability, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Her answer was amazeballs! I had NEVER even considered it for two seconds! It explained so much to me.

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By crackey, I can talk to cats too!

Well, am I talented or what? 🙂  Not only can I converse with your dead relatives, sense spirits in buildings, and read your energy, I can chat it up with your animals too. Now bear in mind, I don’t feel this is my calling in life and don’t offer this to clients. I adore animals, don’t eat meat or dairy, lead as vegan of a life as I can without making myself nuts–you would think I would be hopping up and down to further develop and share this skill. Naaahhhhh. I am meant more to work with people. But I am posting this to share with you a delightful experience I had about a year and a half ago with my cat Don Ho as he was passing into the spirit world. It was astounding–mind boggling–really bonerific!! I just want to open your eyes today to the fact that animals are just like us in every way, shape, and form, but in different bodies. That is why I treat them with the utmost respect and abhor factory farming. Oh crap, don’t get me started–quick! Someone get me off my factory farming soapbox before it gets ugly! Whew! That was a close call. Anyhooters, if animal communication is something you would love to experience with your hairy pals, then check out my friend Shannon Gross. She is the BOMB!! We have been using her services for a few years now and love her. Shannon’s website is conveniently as follows:

So sit back, grab your Kleenex, and enjoy the following tale:


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