What is Animal Communication?

If you are a regular consumer of my blog, you will read the following and think for sure that I am plagiarizing. It is so serious! It is so…..normal?!?! But nay, I am not plagiarizing. I can write in a professional manner when necessary, and I needed to pen an article about animal communication to potentially be published in a local publication. So here it is! I wanted to share it on my blog because it so succinctly explains the ins and outs of animal communication. I am not a “pet psychic.” I don’t just read your pet’s energy; I actually have a full conversation with him or her, same as I do a human. The term animal communicator much better describes the service since actual interspecies dialogue occurs.

Perhaps you have heard of animal communication. It has become quite mainstream here in Indiana, and I am sure you understand the general idea. Animal communication—talking with animals, right? But what does that actually entail?

Here’s the scoop:

Animal communication is indeed exactly what the name implies.  Here is what happens: I connect telepathically with the furry one and receive their thoughts. I translate the meaning of the message into plain English for their humans, then translate the human’s message back to their friend. This is how I facilitate an actual dialogue which enables us to solve behavioral and physical challenges the animal is facing.

How does the message appear in my brain? Sometimes the information is literally in plain English-it simply pops right in. Other times it is visual only, but usually a combination of both. Some animals “speak” more English, and some “speak” more visually. It is common for me to “taste” a favorite treat in my mouth, or “smell” a particularly vivid odor, such as a skunk.

For example, a client’s dog, Bowzer, seemed depressed. He was lethargic, and the sparkle in his eyes had dimmed. When I connected with him, I immediately felt his sadness. I asked him what was causing it, and he shared it stemmed from his foster mom having potential families come to meet him. Bowzer was so sad because he wanted to stay with his foster mom; they had bonded deeply, and he was elated with his current situation.  Kay, the foster mom, wanted to adopt him but had concerns about keeping him due to his medical situation. She had two sets of stairs he had to climb, and he would be better off in a one-story home since he had an injured shoulder. I received the sensation of shoulder pain from Bowzer, and he spoke of how it didn’t matter to him. His main concern was staying with Kay. By the end of the conversation, Kay had agreed to keep him as long as he could heal in her home. Bowzer was smiling and thumping his gargantuan tail vigorously.  I received the emotion of gratitude, and he invited me to return any time I was in the neighborhood.

People contact communicators to get help alleviating emotional or physical problems the animal is experiencing, such as aggressiveness or recurrent urinary tract infections not responding well to treatment. A session is conducted either in the home or by phone. I only need the name and species of the animal in order to connect. Results vary. Some animals comply with requests for a different behavior quickly, while others require several sessions. Sometimes the humans need to adopt a different behavior also in order for their furry friend to act better.

With health concerns, animals may know what is causing the ailment. If they don’t, I can find out. Some clients provide the information I give to their vet, who can use it to better assess and treat their beloved furry family member. Flower essences, herbs, and essential oils can relieve the symptoms, or actually cure them. If it feels one of these would be useful, then I refer the family to a holistic vet in Indianapolis who is trained in these modalities.

Regardless of the reason for using animal communication services, animals and their families feel closer and more bonded after they actually hear and understand each other. To me, as the communicator, that is the biggest benefit of all.

Do Animals Find Flatulence to Be Funny?


“I am enamored of your farts.”

Don’t ask me why–perhaps it is genetic (we found a bevy of typed fart jokes in my grandpa’s desk drawer after he died)-but I think passing wind, tooting, poofing, cropdusting, whatever term you wish to use to describe small explosions betwixt the butt cheeks, to be riotously hilarious. Every. Single. Time.

Much to my amazement, some animals also think farts are hysterical too. I once conversed with two dogs who professed to miss their human grandfather. Come to find out, one of the main reasons they loved to be around this kindly old man was because of his boisterous wind passing. The sound delighted them, and of course, being dogs, they thought the smell to be heavenly !  They even inquired of their mom when Grandpa would return to see them so they could enjoy his ass music. LOL!!!!!

Stories like this are one of the multitude of reasons I adore being an animal communicator.

Daisy’s Discourse on Death


There was no blog last Friday because I was simply overwhelmed with grief. It was the one year anniversary of our dog Daisy’s passing. At times, I do quite well without her in her physical body. Other times, I really am not worth a shit. Friday was one of the “not worth a shit” days.

Daisy was truly my best friend, teacher and offspring all rolled into one feisty, yappy, four-legged pumpkin head of a pooch. The Universe broke the mold when it brought forth Doodalee Dimitri. Continue reading “Daisy’s Discourse on Death”

Part 2 of the Jocular Post, “How Do You Deal with Skeptics?”


So Wowsy Woosy!!! I had a fabulous conversation today and was simply compelled to write about it.

I asked a lady what she thought prompted folks to be skeptical about animal communication, psychic ability, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Her answer was amazeballs! I had NEVER even considered it for two seconds! It explained so much to me.

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Mourning Musings

Ouch!! Nothing hurts the heart and soul, makes them scream and howl, more than the loss of a loved one. Death. Sucks. Ass. At least for those left behind.

I have been coping with the physical loss of our beloved spoiled heathen, Daisy. Pomeranians are full of sunshine, piss and vinegar, and more energy than a nursery school filled with toddlers. And loving!! Goodness, they love fiercely and are the most loyal tiny creatures. But Daisy Doodalee Dimitri broke the Pommy mold. The Universe birthed the Uber Pom when it sent Daisy into our realm. Girlfriend was wackadoo!!! She was super sassy, spazzy, bossy, and the best of all Pom traits on steroids. For years now, I have always thought of her whenever I hear the Stevie Wonder tune, “Isn’t She Lovely?”. There was never a dull moment with her.

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