My Secret Protection

Nope, not going to dish about deodorant, feminine hygiene care or whatnot. I am referring to energetic protection here, not smelly parts. What is energetic protection? For me, it is an activity, product, or both simultaneously which keeps my aura clean, comfortable, and in top notch working order. Anyone, animal or human, who is sensitive to vibrations needs daily energetic guarding.

Golden Armor is a flower essence which provides some boisterously kick ass protection. Created by Green Hope Flower Essences for both animals and humans, here is how they describe it on their website:

“Our most important Essence for electrical protection

Golden Armor provides information to our electrical systems about how to buffer and protect us from computer screens, radiation and atmospheric changes, aberrant astral energies, human negativity, dissonant sounds, viruses, bacteria, man made dissonance in the airwaves and any other kind of vibrational bombardment we experience.

-Animals almost invariably need this remedy because they are deeply affected by the immense amount of man made dissonance in the airwaves.
-The Angels encourage all the people and animals at the farm take Golden Armor every day.


Abutilon, Echinops, Elderberry, Eryngium, French Marigold, Golden Yarrow, Goldenrod, Leopard’s Bane, Rattlesnake Master, Sea Holly, St John’s Wort, Teasel, Thistle, Titan, White Yarrow, Wild Abutilon” Continue reading “My Secret Protection”

I Bet Your Car’s Aura Stinks!

IMG_0886 (1)Yes, Indeed I do! I would bet a crap load of $$$ on that fact. How do I know? ‘Cause most folks don’t clean the energy in and around their ride. Why would ya, you may be pondering as you scratch your chiny, chin, chin?

(Here is a fascinating aside–as usual, I digress. When was a young lass on the playground surrounded by a bevy of additional young lads and lasses, we concocted the brilliant idea that if someone tickled you under your chin, and you grinned, then you were pregnant. The jaunty rhyme accompanying that was,”Tickle, tickle under your chin, if you are pregnant, you will grin.” Alright. Enough of that shit. On with the blog….)

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Protecting Your Energy During Holiday Madness

The holidays. Visions of sugar plums NOT dancing in your head because you have to be stuck in a room with toxic relatives at Thanksgiving, shop in crammed malls brimming with impatient shoppers, and ___________(insert your own most energetically overwhelming holiday activity here)? For the empathic, the season brings the need for a good stiff martini and a week in the Bahamas to recover from all the gleeful cheer. So how to clean and clear your energy so you don’t want to ram the yule log up Aunt Blanche’s arse?

First, say NO! NO! NO! to any invitation which doesn’t add to your energy and juice you up. In all likelihood, no one has ever died because of hearing the word “No.” If they have, then it was their time to get 6 feet under. You have the responsibility to take care of yourself and enjoy Nov. and Dec. however best serves you. The word “NO” is equally advisable for donating handmade Christmas cookies to little Biffy’s school Christmas party, or any of the other myriad requests women especially are asked to fulfill during the festive season. All this doing and doing for others can leave you needing Mother’s Little Helper, and I hate to tell ya, but Keith Richards probably took all of those already!! Help yourself by liberally employing those two magical letters-NO.

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