My First Contact with the “Dead”

For many moons, I thought it would be just the best to be able to talk with the spirit world. Why? The biggest reason is that I miss my family and friends (both those who used to be both human and animal) so, so terribly. Like everyone else, I have some relatives who are, to be nice, unsavory individuals. For the most part, my family has been lovely. My dad and grandparents were particularly lovely humans, and never a day goes by where my heart doesn’t hurt because they are out of their body. I thought being able to still at least have a conversation with them would ease the pain. I  also dug the idea of being able to help clients with their grief issues.

In 2002, I discovered I could read energy. Holy moly! By 2006, I began to offer readings professionally. Yet as much as I listened, hoping to discern the slightest peep from the Other Side, all I got were crickets chirping. No one ever came through.

I soon began reading book after book about mediumship. How I plowed through those pages with fervor and determination! If anyone could learn how to do it, by cracky, it was going to be me. I refused to get my pants into a wad about it, though. I knew if I was meant to be a medium, it would happen. If not, then I would choose to get over it.

One day, as I was wrapping up with a client (who I will call Gert), something very unusual crept into my consciousness. I was no longer receiving only Gert’s energy; someone else was there too. I sensed she was a woman and requested her identity. She replied that she was my Gert’s grandma. Stunned and about to pee myself with excitement, I breathlessly told Gert who was around to visit. She began to cry. I started to cry. As we both sat there with tears in our eyes, Grandma unloaded information which her granddaughter verified. I DID IT!!! I was completely choked up that it had finally happened.

Of course, through the passing of time, I have become better and better able to connect with the Other Side. How rewarding it is to see my clients filled with joy and relief when they receive messages from their loved ones.  I am so grateful I have this ability.


How to Spot a Scamming Psychic, Part 2

Unfortunately, I felt compelled to pen a Part 2 on this topic. I want consumers to be well-educated on choosing a quality energy reader.

So here is what popped into my head since last week: the psychic should be able to provide extremely detailed information about you and your life. If they are continually stumbling along and acting like everything is hunky dory when they ain’t getting shit or shinola right, then ask them if they can read you. Continue reading “How to Spot a Scamming Psychic, Part 2”

Top 3 Reasons To Receive a Psychic Reading

Need a reason to get a psychic reading? Well, here’s a good one I borrowed from your mama: “Because I said so.” HA HA! (Insert uproarious laughter soundtrack from cheesy sitcom.)

As I prepared to write this, I pondered why clients seek my services. Here are some of the big arse causes of my phone ringing:  Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons To Receive a Psychic Reading”

Pardon me as I shat my pantaloons! (My first psychic reading)

Untitled design-6I ALWAYS tell clients what to expect prior to their first intuitive/psychic consultation with me. Why? I have had some very strange things happen during body/energy work, with almost none being more bizarre than the first psychic reading I had. (The strangest thing I have ever witnessed involved the smiting of a tuning fork and the practitioner howling like a wolf. I wish I were kidding you. I am not.)

So what was this odd encounter that has profoundly shaped the manner in which I conduct my business? Well, sit back, kick ya feet up, and grab a cold one. It is comical now, but at the time, it rattled my cage. When I began this profession, I swore that no one would ever have that experience with me. Continue reading “Pardon me as I shat my pantaloons! (My first psychic reading)”