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What Happens When You Ignore Your Spirit Guides: A Tale of Woe

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Yep, that is what will happen. You will get a tale of woe, all for you to kick yourself in the ass about. “Why didn’t I listen?” Indeed–why didn’t you? We will explore that question. But for now , onto my tale of woe.

Let us harken back to earlier this frosty winter, my friends. I USED to have an ankle length down coat which zipped up clear to underneath my nose. So toasty warm it was, so durable, and so expensive (but I got it for a steal at Macy’s-we are talking a veritable mere pittance.) I was able to withstand frigid temperatures for long periods as I took care of my petsitting dogs, and it allowed me to wear shorts to the gym in the winter.  Bonus point!

One sleepy Wednesday morning, as I hurried to hang up my coat and proceed to my HIIT class, I heard on the left side of my head, “Don’t hang that up. Someone might steal it.” I heard it loudly. And. Clearly. On the receiving side of my head where I listen to all intuitive/psychic input.

I chose to ignore it. I didn’t want to crumple up my beloved blanket coat in a short locker. Besides, I sweat it out at a posh gym on a posh side of town. “Don’t be paranoid. No one is going to steal your coat.”

Saturday morning, the locker room bustled and teemed with women in leggings too tight. Once again, more loudly, as I hung up my coat, “Don’t hang this up! Someone might steal it!” I was getting a mite pissy with this “paranoid” train of thought and soundly ignored it.

Guess who got her own tale of woe upon returning to the locker room? Yep, me. Dang thing was as gone as gone could be, with all my keys in the pocket, too. Despite assistance from management in tracking down the coat and keys, alas, they were long gone. I hoped that whoever stole it choked on a ham bone while wearing it-LOL!!! Karma will get them, whether or not a ham bone is involved.

Now, I have been receiving strong psychic information for literally years. Why would I choose to ignore what was clearly wise guidance?

  1. The advice was being spoken in a female voice, and I am used to hearing a genderless voice. That really threw me. I thought I was simply full of crap.
  2. I was tired and wanted to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. Like a two year old ignoring Mom when she says not to touch a lit stove burner.
  3. I had allowed my connection to guidance for myself to weaken. I was too busy and too tired to tune in regularly. Even though I have been doing this forever, excellent self care, rest, and meditation benefit all of us on the intuitive/psychic journey.

Guess who is listening better? Me. (I hope my guides aren’t laughing!) By the time I replace all the keys and the coat, it is going to cost me $600 or so. Ekkkk!

I hope this helps you listen better to yourself and your guides.

When the Going Gets Tough, Sometimes the Tough Take a Break

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Many greetings! It has been forever since I have written, June 29th, to be precise. You may wonder what happened to me? Was I abducted by aliens? Nah…..It would make a spellbinding blog for sure, but nothing that spectacular occurred. I almost would rather have taken a twirl around the galaxy with E.T. in his space sled than deal with what has slowed me way down.

It began innocently enough with a call to our apartment manager, needing to know why the electricity was flickering off and on. No way a chick can work without her electricity, at least not with a computer. As soon as manager handles my query about the state of all affairs electric, he dropped the bomb. We had to move. By August 31. It was mid June. ARGGHHH!!! Insert a few F Bombs.  We have lived in those apartments since April 2016 and adored them! We were pissy campers.

Fast forward to end of August, early September. I was a zombie from stress, the move, working too much (my business grew like a weed from March on), and my thyroid showed it. I was a bit sluggish. My nurse practitioner increased my medication. The increased amount wound up overwhelming and dang near shutting down my thyroid. Ooppsss!

I share my tale because I want you to stop to consider the EXTREME need for self-care, especially by women compromised by mid-life hormonal swings. I thought I was taking care of myself, I truly did. I still exercised, did yoga (ok, had to skip some classes), ate well (so what about the candy binging when petsitting), drank a boatload of green tea every day (at least it wasn’t coffee!), and chanted (not nearly enough.)  I had the glorious goal of paying off my student loan by the time I turned 51, and if I just pushed myself enough, I could do it. And I did.

What I utterly failed to do was have fun! I even petsat on my birthday, for Pete’s sake! What else I utterly failed to do was care for my emotional and spiritual selves! My body stopped the train in her tracks by slowing down the engine. If the thyroid isn’t happy, ain’t no part of your body that is gonna be happy!

As I examined my beliefs and actions which had propelled me to this sorry state, I realized there was (still is) a vast supply of fearful thoughts regarding money and my ability to earn it. Some of that is triggered by the stupidity and sickness being visited upon our country by the buffoon in office and his lackeys.  Truthfully, it was there long before that hemorrhoid on the hiney of America arrived.

There is only one you, and you have only one life in your current incarnation. Please value all of you, and honor not just your body, but your spirit and emotions too. It isn’t easy for me to learn to slow down, but dang it, I am going to manage my time and life better so that I can both work and play. All work and no play makes Annie’s thyroid cranky!

Was I Born this Way? Kinda, and kinda not

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Some folks are born with all their psychic skills already booming and ready to go. Add language and mobility, BOOM!! Full blown psychic medium right there, from the get go.

Me, nah. At least I am not aware of it if I was. I reckon I should ask my Mumsy. Her memory, however, is just as shabby and flabby as mine….I will just share my version of the Annie Becomes Psychic tale as I remember it currently.

Now, I was never considered a “normal ” child, at least by my peers. Beginning in 3rd grade, I constantly was assessed to be weird and labeled as such. I believe that was primarily because of my ability to laugh at damn near anything! And I do mean, damn near anything. I am still that way, thank goodness, and now my peeps refer to me as “unique.” I am also easily delighted. I saw baby geese with their parents this morning as I careened into the gym parking lot, and I had a total fit of hand clapping , chortling, and general joyous outbursting. This happens So it was my laughter and delight which was “weird”, not my psychic abilities.

At the age of 13, it happened. That is when the cat came out of the bag that something highly unusual with going on with me. I had my first premonition during a dream of someone’s death. I was terrified!

Not much happened again until I was 19, when more premonitions occurred. They continued into my early 20’s. By then, I was starting to find the whole thing more fascinating than freaky and begin reading voraciously about psychic phenomena and such. My abilities grew stronger as I aged, without me doing really anything to build them.

I can’t say I was surprised when I was able to immediately do a reading after visiting a psychic and asking how to do readings. I simply sat down and did it. WOW!! I was in between semesters of graduate school, so my fledgling skills were forgotten as the next semester commenced. I was 34 years of age, 16 years ago.

The rest is history.

I am so, so grateful that my skills grew as they did. I had some years of living with only my 5 senses, and also being leery of psychics and healers. What was up with them? How on earth could they do these feats? Were they reading my mind? Because of this, I completely understand and respect that some people may think I am scary. I answer their questions about my profession until they feel comfortable. I also realize that what I offer isn’t for everyone. That is A-ok too.

Don’t think you are ever too old to use your 6th senses. You can develop them at any time in your life, to whatever extent you are willing to apply the effort. I help clients with their psychic journeys, so let me know how I can help you with yours!


Surprise, Surprise! It Ain’t Like the Movies!!!

As I pondered what to write about today, I thought back to the fears I initially had about developing my intuition.

There are many things about intuitive/psychic abilities that scare the outright shit clear outta people. The lovely Hollywood movie, The Sixth Sense, was high on my list after I white knuckled it through that flick. I eagerly departed the theatre, deciding that nope, this psychic stuff wasn’t for me–oh hell no!


If you haven’t had the joy of watching this movie, allow me to provide you with the quick and dirty on it. Boy is psychic. Boy sees dead people all over the place. Not your contented, lounging-in-a-coffin kind of dead person, but gory, gross, people who have hanged themselves with blood and entrails spewing…..ewww. Only a complete nutter would want to see that all the time, right?

Yes, it was Hollywood, so I knew it was pretty much full of it. But really….if you were on the fence about how else you could expand your baby sized psychic ability, would you even want to risk opening that door to hell? Nah. Didn’t think you would. Internet was nonexistent then, so I couldn’t google the topic to learn more. All I could do was search for books on the topic, from which I concluded…..


I am a compulsive reader, and of all the books I devoured on the topic of mediumship, psychic phenomena, etc, only one author reported  visions like the boy in the film. Poor chick! I would be having a chat with my guides about getting rid of that nonsense. But apparently it worked for her in a bizarre way…..or whatever.

I have been contacting the spirit realm routinely for 12 years. I have sensed some ghastly evil energy–no joke, this was the real deal gnarly–one time, and that is my most frightening occurrence. I have spoken with spirits who committed suicide, and it gets no worse than me being able to vaguely feel how he/she ended life. I never see grisly visions, or anything even close.

Please do not allow the fear of the unknown ever prevent you from moving into the fascinating world of psychic/spiritual growth. Find a reputable guide or mentor, and let the fun begin!




Who Can Become a Psychic Medium or Animal Communicator?


Anyone can, that’s who!!! See, these folks in the photo are toasting their innate intuitive/psychic/healing abilities because why? We ALL have them! And these folks are obviously quite thrilled with that idea–and you should be too.

Time and again, I hear clients say wistfully, “I wish I could do what you can.” News flash!!! They can. Anyone can. That is, anyone who puts forth the effort to wisely develop the energy that Mother Nature gave everyone. All of us can read energy. The simplest example is this: you meet another human, and BAM! You love them. Or conversely, you want to run in the other direction since something you can’t quite put your finger on feels very, very off to you. That, my friends, is reading energy.

The only difference among people is how quickly and easily they develop their abilities. Psychic ability runs in families, just as traits such as mathematical brilliance, are genetic. My little brother–that dude got all the math skills. Me? I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide–that’s it. I dropped out of remedial college algebra 3 times because it makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Statistics were equally as onerous. On the flip side, I simply talked to a psychic about how to read energy, sat down, and did it, on the first try. It was a pretty quick and easy trot down the psychic pathway after that.

Others may have to put more time and money into it, and focus energy on their endeavors for a longer period before much of anything occurs.

If you have a hankering to see what you can do, and just need someone to guide you, please consider me. I adore helping others experience the joy and practicality of these “supernatural” skills. Email me at

Do Animals Find Flatulence to Be Funny?


“I am enamored of your farts.”

Don’t ask me why–perhaps it is genetic (we found a bevy of typed fart jokes in my grandpa’s desk drawer after he died)-but I think passing wind, tooting, poofing, cropdusting, whatever term you wish to use to describe small explosions betwixt the butt cheeks, to be riotously hilarious. Every. Single. Time.

Much to my amazement, some animals also think farts are hysterical too. I once conversed with two dogs who professed to miss their human grandfather. Come to find out, one of the main reasons they loved to be around this kindly old man was because of his boisterous wind passing. The sound delighted them, and of course, being dogs, they thought the smell to be heavenly !  They even inquired of their mom when Grandpa would return to see them so they could enjoy his ass music. LOL!!!!!

Stories like this are one of the multitude of reasons I adore being an animal communicator.

Why Choose a Spiritual Path?

When I was a wee turd growing up in Waldron, IN (population 269, including the town cat), my parental units frequently trotted me to church. I have to scratch my silver pate, and wonder why? Dad wasn’t particularly religious, and certain aspects of Christianity chapped his ass mightily (i.e. homosexuality is a sin, for one.) Mumsy’s parents never took her to church, but for some reason, we attended. And for an even stranger reason, as a 4 or 5 year old child, I felt like I belonged in that sanctuary. I actually wanted to be there!

Fast forward to high school. Mumsy hauled my carcass out of bed every Sunday, and I used church mostly as a social hour–pass notes to the other girls in the back pew, watch to see if anyone was digging for gold (picking the nose), and head back to the nursery to play with the toddlers when the sermon commenced. I had been a highly gung ho Christian as a kid, but was less so as a teen. Why? Well, I was a teen–enough said there, right? Mostly, however, I had begun to question certain tents of my faith. Like, no one can go to heaven if they don’t accept Jesus as their savior. Now in order to do that, one has to have the cognition to grasp the whole concept of Jesus, something a severely mentally retarded person would be sadly unable to do. So all severely mentally retarded folks who couldn’t understand the concept of Jesus were doomed? What?  I don’t recall any caveats to that idea-ya either did or didn’t accept Jesus. Ya either went to heaven or to hell. How could that scheme be cooked up by  a loving God? And on and on, until I just couldn’t buy any of it anymore at all. So I waved goodbye to Christianity.

As a college student, partying was one of my top priorities. And I did it.up.right!!!! Despite my addle brained state at the time, I was still fascinated with religion, though I no longer had one. I took a class about world religions, and immediately fell head over heels in love with Buddhism. But where to go be a Buddhist? There was no Internet, only a local magazine sharing some of the religious options around Indy. I investigated nondenominational churches, but they usually brought up my old pal Jesus. Being uncomfortable with that whole scene, I kept trying various forms of Buddhism as I discovered them. I read and read until I thought my eyeballs would pop out, learning about the Dalai Lama and his teachings. In June of 2004, I heard Nicheren Buddhist chanting for the first time. It was mesmerizing, and my soul sat up and looked around. Once I began chanting myself, I was hooked. I joined the Soka Gokkai International, and never looked back.

My Buddhist practice is interspersed with other religious deities and whatnot–anyone else a Ganesha fan? I totally dig Hinduism, but it isn’t my main spiritual squeeze. I enjoy using what works for me from other spiritual paths, combined with Buddhism.

What do I get out of having a spiritual path that I use daily? I truly don’t feel right without one. I feel like a Reese’s Cup without the chocolate–without that one ingredient, it just isn’t a Reese’s Cup. And life without a connection to the Divine simply leaves me empty and sad.

Having a strong spiritual path provides me with a way of viewing the world. I can make sense (or do the best I can) of the Universe using my Buddhist framework. It gives me a method of turning negativity and chaos into positivity and peace. Not that it is an easy task–ha!ha!ha! Donald Trump has challenged my Buddhist practice like about nothing else. And in spite of being Buddhist, I still want to slap the orange right off his face. Never  claimed to be perfect, did I?

My practice also provides me a sense of control over my life. In Nichern Buddhism, buddha-buddhism-chinese-pu-tai-50993.jpegwe believe that by chanting, we influence our karma and can change any situation. Sometimes changing any situation means seeing it in a positive light, rather than being all pissy. And we all know that changing one’s internal landscape transforms our external too.  May sound like bollocks, but hey–works for me! The vibrations of our voices have immense power. Firing up my big cake hole for some daily chanting certainly blows my skirt up!

If you would like to explore religion and spirituality, but have no clue where to begin, then here ya are: This explains the major tenets of popular religions, and in plain English. You can also schedule a session with me, one in which we investigate what a happy spiritual practice would look, smell, feel, and taste like to you. Using my intuitive and counseling skills, we will create a path for you. Sound dandy? Swell! You can reach me at 317-440-8783.