Was I Born This Way?

Some folks are born with all their psychic skills already booming and ready to go. They learn language and become mobile, BOOM!! Full-blown psychic medium right there, from the get-go.

Me, nah. At least I am not aware of it if I was. I reckon I should ask my Mumsy. Her memory, however, is just as shabby and flabby as mine….I will just share my version of the Annie Becomes Psychic Tale as I remember it currently.

Now, I was never considered a “normal ” child, at least by my peers. Beginning in 3rd grade, I constantly was assessed to be weird and labeled as such. I believe that was primarily because of my ability to laugh at damn near anything! And I do mean, damn near anything. I am still that way, thank goodness, and now my peeps refer to me as “unique.” I am also easily delighted. I saw baby geese with their parents this morning as I careened into the gym parking lot, and I had a total fit of hand-clapping, chortling, and general joyous outbursting. This happens every.time.I.see.baby.geese. So it was my laughter and delight which was “weird”, not my psychic abilities. Continue reading “Was I Born This Way?”

My Most BIZARRE Meditation Yet

Untitled design-7I have been meditating for many moons, and for the most part, nothing has struck me as too terribly odd….except for the time I felt like I had been punched in the gut, but that is a story for another day.

When I see my guides, I view their faces and sometimes the tops of their “body”. They just kinda show up, no big fanfare, or fireworks–it’s simply “Yo! I’m here!” They always appear in my third eye (my inner movie screen, if you will), and every visit is pretty much standard-same thing occurs each time.

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Meditation: Weep Not, Nor Gnash Your Teeth

Some folks get that deer in the headlights look when the topic of meditation arises. “I can’t do that!”  “I can’t sit still that long!”  “Oh no, not me. My mind is just too anxious.” Well, no wonder. One can find all manner of books, blogs, etc. about how to meditate. It can seem as difficult as brain surgery—blindfolded. Do this, do that, expect this…mind must clear….sit totally straight…..on and on it goes. Well, guess what? That is all nice, fine, and dandy. But for a good ol’ free spirit like me who prefers a less complicated approach to life, here is a tried and true simple version.

Sit your ass in a quiet and comfy location. Hide the phone, flush it down the toilet, whatever……get that thing out of your reach and shut it up. I don’t give a shit about your posture, if your forefinger and thumb are touching, or any other details. Here is the most simple way:

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