Was I Born This Way?

Some folks are born with all their psychic skills already booming and ready to go. They learn language and become mobile, BOOM!! Full-blown psychic medium right there, from the get-go.

Me, nah. At least I am not aware of it if I was. I reckon I should ask my Mumsy. Her memory, however, is just as shabby and flabby as mine….I will just share my version of the Annie Becomes Psychic Tale as I remember it currently.

Now, I was never considered a “normal ” child, at least by my peers. Beginning in 3rd grade, I constantly was assessed to be weird and labeled as such. I believe that was primarily because of my ability to laugh at damn near anything! And I do mean, damn near anything. I am still that way, thank goodness, and now my peeps refer to me as “unique.” I am also easily delighted. I saw baby geese with their parents this morning as I careened into the gym parking lot, and I had a total fit of hand-clapping, chortling, and general joyous outbursting. This happens every.time.I.see.baby.geese. So it was my laughter and delight which was “weird”, not my psychic abilities. Continue reading “Was I Born This Way?”

What Happens When You Ignore Your Spirit Guides? A Tale of Woe

Yep, that is what will happen. You will get a tale of woe, all for you to kick yourself in the ass about. “Why didn’t I listen?” Indeed–why didn’t you? We will explore that question. But for now, onto my tale of woe.

Let us harken back to earlier this frosty winter, my friends. I USED to have an ankle-length down coat which zipped up clear to underneath my nose. So toasty warm it was, so durable, and so expensive (but I got it for a steal at Macy’s-we are talking a veritable mere pittance.) I was able to withstand frigid temperatures for long periods as I took care of my petsitting dogs, and it allowed me to wear shorts to the gym in the winter.  Bonus point! Continue reading “What Happens When You Ignore Your Spirit Guides? A Tale of Woe”

Qualities You Had Best Possess If You Have a Hankering to be a Professional Psychic


There are some really, um, questionable, psychics out there. I have been to one myself–he was so totally full of it! Dude was quite knowledgable about astrology, and every observation out of his cake hole was just typical for my sign, a Leo. He also muttered some gibberish about a spirit under a tree in the backyard and some chick putzing about the crib….all highly general and truly of no use. The other I have fortunately never met. This one really makes my blood boil.

Psychic was reading for guests at a PARTY!!–A PARTY!!!–A JOYFUL, KICK-UP-THY-HEELS SOIREE– and actually told one lady that her daughter would die soon. W!T!F! How rude and insensitive. That is a bit of info I never tell anyone, let alone when someone is unwinding and letting her hair down.

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Keep Your Power


People seek my intuitive services for a vast number of reasons–nosiness; wanting to speak with a loved one in Spirit; and usually questions concerning romance, career, health, and finances. Regardless of what else I may say during our session, they all receive this message: Keep Your Power. Do not allow my intuition to guide you more than your own does.

An honest, ethical psychic/intuitive does not make client’s decisions for them. We are there merely as a guide to their journey….not the one making it. We can provide helpful insight and answers that they are unaware of, but they should always use that info in whatever way they see fit.

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“How Do You Deal with Skeptics?” Indeed, How Do I?

Today someone inquired as to how I handle skeptics. Why, I smite them about the head and shoulders with a frying pan! Ba Ha! Nay, I don’t smite anyone except my husband (playfully) now that I am a grown woman and no longer live with my brothers. They got smited! And but good!  With my shoes! But that is another story.

As you may suspect, not everyone believes that I truly have the skills that I claim: to read energy and wisely advise clients about  their issues, talk to “dead” people and animals, converse with animals, and similar assorted activities. That is ok. Really, it is! My belief is this: It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. How dull it would be everyone thought and acted like I do. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

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Pyschic? Intuitive? What is the difference? (My humble opinion)

I really don’t care to be referred to as a psychic. I say that I am an intuitive, prompting people to stare at me like I just grew horns on my head and ask, “What is that?” So why do I describe myself this way when the term “psychic” is more common among the general public?

It goes like this: when I hear the term “psychic”, visions of Dionne Warwick and her Psychic Friends Network begin a conga line through my head. Madame Cleo, that gargantuan douchebag with the fat, honkin’ turban, wiggles along at the rear of that cranial conga line. “Psychic” reeks of old timey fortunetellers, sly con artists out to make a quick buck by duping the heartbroken. Wikipedia defines a psychic as “a person who professes an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception.” The definition ends by stating, “The scientific consensus considers ESP and the claimed power of the mind to know the past and predict the future to be pseudoscientific beliefs.”  Doesn’t make folks like me who use their intuition in their career sound very reliable, does it?

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