My Top 3 Books that Kickstarted My Spiritual Path

I LOVE to read. I mean, I think I was born with my wee head in a tiny book. I enjoy reading primarily chick lit (Bridget Jones—can’t dig her enough!), biographies, psychology, and spirituality. It only made sense that when my spiritual path was murky, at the age of 24, that I turn to my trusty books to help me find my way. This was eons ago, way before life coaches abounded. I was on my own to discover what my spiritual practice would look like as an adult since the internet didn’t even exist. Yes, I am that old. Hahaha!

I was raised Christian on a kind of generic flavor called Christian Union found only in the Midwest. We lacked fire and brimstone, and homosexuality and abortion were never discussed, that I recall. I just remember reading the Bible and not paying much attention at all to the weekly sermons because a friend and I skipped out to the nursery to play with the babies. Like one does at an early age, I followed along blindly, never thinking much about any of it. It just seemed all good by  me! Until I began to think about what all it entailed….for more on that part of my spiritual path, read

As I perused the selection at the library, A Return to Love appealed to me because I was very vaguely aware of A Course in Miracles. I shrugged and thought, well, why the hell not read it? I am so glad I did. It opened my mind to a whole different way of considering the world, one that made so much more sense to me than the way I had been raised. It isn’t about a religion per se, but rather a framework with which to view life and how to live it. The main ideas in it are that we are all connected by a unifying force (God, Allah, Buddha, Fred, whatever name you choose to give it.) All of our unhappiness comes from fear, and aligning ourselves with a higher power/intelligence provides peace and comfort. Embracing these concepts were what I term a “brick thrown at the head” moment, where something clicks into my mind so powerfully and with such a vivid, strong sense of truth that it transforms my thoughts and actions permanently. Everything I learned felt right and led me to search for more of my own way. 

I ran into Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss around that time also. Reincarnation made sense to me. I couldn’t understand that if we only had one life in one body, why were some folks born into such horrific circumstances? That was just plain wrong, and certainly not the doings of a benevolent being. It clicked for me that we keep the same soul energy which only learns and grows over time as we occupy multiple bodies throughout many lifetimes. Trippy to consider, but it resonated. Dr. Weiss hypnotized a patient with severe anxiety and phobias out the wazoo. Much to his shock, her condition was resolved by recounting a total of 86 lives and discussing the traumas in them. Long story short, he continued studying past lives and how they affect us in our current incarnation, becoming a well-known author and speaker about the topic. His story introduced me to basic past life concepts and partially influenced my decision to become Buddhist.,aps,177&sr=8-1

The one that most dramatically altered my entire life was The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette. Hokey smokes! I didn’t find this until I was in my 30’s and seeking to open my psychic abilities. I had no idea where the road would take me, but I knew I had to start walking it. Its pages contained the bare bones basics of everything I needed to know to safely and confidently develop my abilities. I just knew I could read energy and offer psychic readings, but I had no idea how to do it. So I moseyed myself to a local psychic and asked her advice. She shared a few ideas and suggested reading this. The rest, as they say, is history. I have been a professional psychic medium since 2007, and I use this book to teach my own students now.,aps,175&sr=8-1

If you would like a guide to facilitate the creation of your own spiritual path, I would love to partner with you! It can be difficult to navigate the road from how you were raised to what works for you now. It is actually a process that you may undertake even more than once as an adult. I forged my own way and have helped other clients do that too. There is no time like the present to begin your own spiritual journey. 

Why Choose a Spiritual Path?

When I was a wee turd growing up in Waldron, IN (population 269, including the town cat), my parental units frequently trotted me to church. I have to scratch my silver pate, and wonder why? Dad wasn’t particularly religious, and certain aspects of Christianity chapped his ass mightily (i.e. homosexuality is a sin, for one.) Mumsy’s parents never took her to church, but for some reason, we attended. And for an even stranger reason, as a 4 or 5 year old child, I felt like I belonged in that sanctuary. I actually wanted to be there!

Fast forward to high school. Mumsy hauled my carcass out of bed every Sunday, and I used church mostly as a social hour–pass notes to the other girls in the back pew, watch to see if anyone was digging for gold (picking the nose), and head back to the nursery to play with the toddlers when the sermon commenced. I had been a highly gung ho Christian as a kid, but was less so as a teen. Why? Well, I was a teen–enough said there, right? Mostly, however, I had begun to question certain tents of my faith. Like, no one can go to heaven if they don’t accept Jesus as their savior. Now in order to do that, one has to have the cognition to grasp the whole concept of Jesus, something a cognitively disabled person would be sadly unable to do. So all cognitively disabled folks who couldn’t understand the concept of Jesus were doomed? What?  I don’t recall any caveats to that idea-ya either did or didn’t accept Jesus. Ya either went to heaven or to hell. How could that scheme be cooked up by  a loving God? And on and on, until I just couldn’t buy any of it anymore at all. So I waved goodbye to Christianity. Continue reading “Why Choose a Spiritual Path?”