MarriageYes! I can marry you and your partner, AND include your pets in both the planning and in the ceremony! See People and Pets Weddings below.

Every service I offer is designed to help you be your happiest. Being truly happy from the inside out, independent of external circumstances, is the best gift you can give to yourself and others. When you radiate peace and happiness from within, you light up the world around you—everyone you interact with is touched by your light. There is nothing selfish about seeking your own joy because in lacking it for yourself, you have none to share with anyone else.

Your beloved pet, either here in a body or in Spirit, can also speak to us during your session at no extra charge. If they want to talk to us, I connect with them and share any insight they may have for you. Animals are remarkably wise counselors and often wish to advise their human friends.


When you need solid guidance, this is for you. Your source of angst is addressed directly through the use of my intuitive and psychic skills. I give insight and information that you need to resolve your situation. This isn’t about telling you the future; it’s about giving you a better understanding of how to create it. During the session, your spirit guides and loved ones (both human and animal) may come through to give messages. I address a wide variety of issues, but don’t do the following: crimes; missing people or animals; cheating partners; time of death for yourself or anyone else.


Wish to speak to your spirit guides and/or loved ones in Spirit (including animals) because you miss them? Have emotional issues you need to heal between you and someone on the Other Side? I connect you to those you need to speak to who aren’t on this realm. As a former counselor with a master’s in social work, I am qualified to sensitively and tactfully mediate a conversation between you and those who have left their physical bodies.


Combining my coaching, counseling and intuitive skills, I support you as you change your life for the better. During an intuitive consultation, you will learn what you need to do to be happier. This service goes one step further by helping you implement those actions and any others your inner compass feels you need. No clue whatsoever about what is causing your dilemmas? Never fear! We can uncover and transform it.


Ready to use your own intuitive and psychic abilities to their fullest? I connect with both your spirit guides and mine to meet your skill level precisely, and we take it from there. Using exercises given to you by the guides and myself, you more quickly and easily grow your 6th sense than you would in a class. I can also train you to be an ethical and competent intuitive or psychic if that is your goal.


Reiki provides natural relief from physical and emotional discomfort. It is a gentle form of hands on healing that has been used for thousands of years all over the world. It is an excellent addition to any medical treatment for physical and emotional distress, and it’s also used for stress prevention and relief. Reiki can be used to maintain good health and emotional well-being for anyone who has no symptoms. You will feel you have had a wee vacation when you receive reiki-so energizing and refreshing!


You will experience a conversation with your pet just like they were another human! I join with their energy and become their English speaking “mouth.” I relay their thoughts to you, and vice versa, and mediate a conversation which can resolve behavioral and health issues. I include reiki if your pet desires. Animals are like us, and some change behaviors quickly, or within a session or two—or not at all. Be aware that you may also need to adjust behaviors also for your pet to act differently. They may also want to offer advice to you about whatever problems are on your plate.


It doesn’t get any more fun than this! In addition to receiving a reading while enjoying the experience with friends in the comfort of your own home, you can also add this:

ASK THE PSYCHIC ANYTHING-What would you like to know about being psychic? How to develop your own abilities? What is it like to talk to “dead” people and animals? Whatever you would love to learn about being intuitive and psychic, you can ask me!

Every guest chooses how long their reading will be and pays me for that prior to the party. I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions, for both the reading and the Ask the Psychic session.

Two is the minimum number of party participants, as long as each schedules a 60 minute session.

Three is the minimum number of party participants, as long as each schedules a 30 minute session.

I charge a $25 travel fee for clients who are more than 10 minutes in any direction from my office. This fee must be paid by one person when they pay for their reading.


Your furry ones are your family, and who better to include in your nuptials than your dog/cat/iguana/whoever?

Only if your pet wants to be in on the party, I communicate with them and ask their guidance in both the wedding planning and the ceremony. Animals are such intensely wise beings, often enhanced with a fabulous sense of humor–they are the ultimate wedding planners! We can also speak with them on proper behavior during the wedding, helping them be a treasured member of the wedding soiree.


Sometimes there are poltergeists or other “Boogey Men” in people’s homes. Other times, the unpleasant energy is from their possessions. Energy lingers on every object in your abode, and clearing your home of unwanted clutter and clothing makes it easier for you to move into the future. When it is difficult to know what to discard, call me. I can quickly help you discern what items need to go adios. I take them straight to Goodwill so it is out of your house as well. You will find the dwelling’s energy to be pleasant, light and ready for the future!

To learn what to clear out emotionally, schedule an intuitive consultation and reiki.

If you do have actual unpleasant spirit energy in your home, I recommend you hire Jeffrey Poe for assistance. You can find his contact information on his website: