Nope, I don’t see dead least not the way you think I might!

Well, what the hell, you may be wondering? Why is this woman blathering on about not seeing dead people? Allow me to clear your confusion by sharing a wee bit about me and the purpose of my blog. I am Annie, a life coach/intuitive/image consultant/reiki practioner from Indianapolis, IN. There is so much utter rubbish and bollocks about intuitionĀ  that it makes me want to barf. I am here to give it to ya straight up about your sixth sense! It sure in the hell aint’ like the movies. I do not wander about, beseeching ghosts to head to the light in a tiny, screechy, high voice. I don’t see dead people morbidly hanging out in closets with nooses around their necks or bloody gun shot wounds to their heads. These images are all steamy crocks of crap designed to make Hollywood producers lots of payola. Your intuitive abilities, which we all have, are a gift to be used wisely for the highest good and greatest joy of yourself and others. Intelligent use of intuition requires an open mind, education, practice, patience, and a kick ass sense of humor. It is really that simple.

Stay tuned! This blog will feature guest writers relating shivery tales of ghost hunting, past lives, shamanic rituals…..really, the sky is the limit! And Spirit only knows what I will talk about….life is always an adventure, so get ready!

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