Am I crazy, full of crap, or just really intuitive?

As anyone who has developed his/her intuitive abilities knows, there comes a moment (or more than a few moments) when you scratch your head, chew your lip in vexation, squint up at the sky, and mutter to yourself: “Am I crazy, full of crap, or just really intuitive?”  I will be glad to help you answer that.

Crazy—ah yes, the one I pondered the most due to the schizophrenia that runs in my family. I discussed this question with Deb Havill, a fine lady who is a licensed clinical social worker here in Indy. One way I always knew I wasn’t psychotic is that I worried that I was—I figured if I were psychotic, I wouldn’t have that awareness. She agreed, but added that as folks who have psychosis receive more treatment, they indeed can discern between reality and the psychosis. In my experience as a social worker evaluating people seeking psych services, I learned that psychotic thought processes typically pertain to either delusions of grandeur (“I am Madonna—where is Lourdes?”) or a religious theme (“Archangel Michael will bite you on the butt if you don’t stop it!”). I never had thoughts like this.

When I say full of crap, I mean that you want to be intuitive so badly that anything remotely seeming  like it must be it. So how can you tell that you are receiving intuitive info? Sometimes we intuitive folks know when events are going to happen, such as when someone is going to pass. Having your precognitive thoughts come true definitely tells you your intuition is cranking. Also, intuitive messages never contain negative self-talk. You would never get the feeling that you can’t achieve an accomplishment because you suck as a human being and have that be an intuitive hit. Messages from your Higher Self and your guides may be stern, but will be loving.

So how do you know you really are intuitive? For me, I learned I was when I just kept knowing when events would occur, and I was right. As I made the effort to develop my skills and practiced reading energy with more people, I was more and more frequently correct about events they experienced. I was also able to receive information for them that really did help them improve the quality of their lives. And for me, that is what it is all about—using intuition to help myself and others be happier.

To discover how a reading with me can improve your life, please contact me at 317-440-8783.

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