So what’s it like to see “dead people”?

Well, it sure isn’t like in that silly ass movie “The Sixth Sense”. That little twerp lurking about, proclaiming to all and sundry, “I see dead people”—gag me with a spoon! (Thank you, Moon Unit Zappa). In this flick, the main character, a young boy of maybe 10 or 11, sees gory dead bodies everywhere–bloody corpses hanging by nooses, bloody bike rider meeting the Grim Reaper while riding, etc. As long as it is bloody, our young gangsta here is seeing it. In my experiences, those of clients and friends, and in all the books I have read, I am only aware of one other person who has seen disturbing visions. In the book entitled Yolanda, a New York psychic recounts her story of intuitive development. She does see demonish faces and some gnarly stuff that I would need to be wearing a Depend diaper to experience. Why would this happen to her? This woman has a history of abuse and violence a mile high and never once mentions receiving any counseling. Negative energy draws more negative energy. That is my explanation, anyway.

So what is it like for me to see and talk to spirits? It is most certainly never creepy–just different. When I visually sense spirits, I see them in my third eye (the area between the eyes–kinda like your own internal movie theater). Usually I see a transparent shape, and then as I focus, the details of their appearance are clear. I will see basics, such as their body shape, hair length, maybe what they are wearing. Sometimes I do physically feel the cold spots, pockets of super cold air caused by the presence of a spirit. When I am working with a client and a spirit enters to communicate with them, I feel a pull from the left, an energy in the area of my heart, and my head will always move to the left. I recently read for clients in a bar in Evansville, located in an old building in which there were 2 suicides and one accidental death. The energy around my heart was receiving that pull constantly–I could feel them come and go as I worked. When I hear them, it isn’t with my physical ears. Their words rather “pop” into my awareness–there is no logical sequence to their arrival, unlike my own train of thought. They are just there and gone, complete with a strong feeling of the spirit’s personality traits and quirks. It is just like having a conversation with someone currently in a body; we listen politely to each other and behave ourselves. That is unless they get crabby or sassy with me. Then I give it as good as I am getting! I have had some real tallywackers show up, so I just open my can of intuitive whoop ass when needed.

If I do see them with my physical eyes, they appear as a slice of black flicking into my visual field. It is there, then vanished, in literally a second or two.

Others do see spirits as just regular people. One lady said she sees family and friends just parked on her couch, looking just like they did while they were here. Some see a blurry, glowing, transparent shape. One photo I have seen shows a lady and her child who had died a year prior to the picture being taken. In the photo, there is the distinct white, transparent shape of a young boy with holes in his head where his eyes, nose, and mouth would be.

What about you? How do you see “dead people”? I would love for you to share your experiences.

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