My Secret Protection

Nope, not going to dish about deodorant, feminine hygiene care or whatnot. I am referring to energetic protection here, not smelly parts. What is energetic protection? For me, it is an activity, product, or both simultaneously which keeps my aura clean, comfortable, and in top notch working order. Anyone, animal or human, who is sensitive to vibrations needs daily energetic guarding.

Golden Armor is a flower essence which provides some boisterously kick ass protection. Created by Green Hope Flower Essences for both animals and humans, here is how they describe it on their website:

“Our most important Essence for electrical protection

Golden Armor provides information to our electrical systems about how to buffer and protect us from computer screens, radiation and atmospheric changes, aberrant astral energies, human negativity, dissonant sounds, viruses, bacteria, man made dissonance in the airwaves and any other kind of vibrational bombardment we experience.

-Animals almost invariably need this remedy because they are deeply affected by the immense amount of man made dissonance in the airwaves.
-The Angels encourage all the people and animals at the farm take Golden Armor every day.


Abutilon, Echinops, Elderberry, Eryngium, French Marigold, Golden Yarrow, Goldenrod, Leopard’s Bane, Rattlesnake Master, Sea Holly, St John’s Wort, Teasel, Thistle, Titan, White Yarrow, Wild Abutilon”

I purchased it initially for our poor dog who picked up every vibe within a 5 mile radius. She was a spaz. Within a few days of dropping a dribble or two upon the top of her head, the employees at her daycare asked us what we had to done to her-she was SO much calmer!

Since I need to prevent myself from also picking up every vibe within a 5 mile radius, I began slopping it onto the top of my head too. Now my head smells reminiscent of a  douche, due to the vinegary aroma, but oh well–there are worse scents to waft from my locks.

If you feel everyone else’s emotions, are uncomfortable in large crowds because you are energetically overwhelmed, or you receive information about people walking by you, get thee some! For your animals,  an increase in your stress level means theirs is going up too. Give them some. You and your furry loved one will both feel uplifted, grounded, and stable.

Click here to fetch yourself a bottle:

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