Setting Boundaries as a Psychic Medium/Animal Communicator/Reiki practitioner

Doesn’t setting boundaries have something to do with self-care? How does it have anything to do with being a psychic or animal communicator? It has A TON to do with it! There are some types of work that I simply won’t do. And not just because I want to be a vexing old bag to folks seeking psychic services; it is because I don’t want to touch some types of energies with a 10 foot pole! (such as dealing with demons—yuck!) Also, there are situations in which my emotions could definitely affect my abilities, and therefore, the outcome of the session. 

Here is a list of what I refuse to do and why:

1. Tell you when you will die. 

         You may wonder why in the bollocks someone would want to know when they will expire. Well, I don’t know either. My very first reading that I did for someone, besides a friend, asked me that question. I literally about swallowed my teeth as I perched nervously at the edge of her couch, pondering what in the hell I should do with this question. Mind you, I was a newbie, so I didn’t know that I should tell her that I won’t answer that, or ask my guides how to handle it. Therefore, I answered it. Reflecting on the experience a few days later, I decided I didn’t see how sharing that information could benefit anyone, and also how I could unwittingly contribute to someone’s untimely demise. I have never answered that question again 

2.  Tell you if your partner/spouse is cheating

         The lady I consider one of my mentors in the psychic arts once relayed the following tale: a woman consulted with a psychic about her husband’s fidelity, or lack thereof.  Psychic told her hubby was getting some poonannie on the side. The couple divorced. Guess what? The psychic was wrong.  Moral to this story: even the most well trained, highly skilled, and experienced psychic has his/her off days. We misinterpret information. I never, EVER wanted to risk hurting a client like this, so I quickly added this to my growing list of “shit I don’t do.” I also figure that if you need to ask a psychic if your partner is cheating, you already have your answer. 

3.  Find missing people or pets, solve crimes

         I have survived a plethora of trauma in this lifetime. Delving into energetic situations where crimes could possibly, or have been, committed risks slapping me right back into trauma energy. No thanks. I also get very upset about missing pets, and if I am emotionally all a’dither, then it skews my radar. Same scenario with missing people and crimes—a skewed radar won’t help anyone in any way.

4. Share when I see someone you know dying

Folks, time of death is a booger to predict, in my experience. There are a multitude of factors playing into when someone exits his/her bag of bones, and energy is highly fluid when it comes to dying. If you are concerned about a loved one’s potential transition into the ethers, spend more time with that person, make amends, whatever will give you peace if they pass. Do your best to release concerns about the exact date and time of the potential passing because you simply can’t control that. 

5. Medical mediumship

         If you have an ailment, I am not your girl to discuss it with. Some psychics are naturally gifted in this arena. I don’t know if I am naturally gifted with medical situations because engaging in medical mediumship is a fantastic way to be sued. I simply don’t have interest in it sufficiently to deal with the legalities, or get additional training. I find it fascinating, as I do all forms of psychic expertise, but it just doesn’t ring my bell as far as offering it as a service. 

Many of the gifted psychic mediums, psychics, and other energy workers I know have a niche they love. My heart sings when I help clients gain clarity and find a path, or reconnect them with “deceased” animals and humans they desperately miss. However, I refer clients to other practitioners because I can’t provide everything to everybody. I know folks who work with the super gnarly energies out there, and I am more than happy to share their number. If you want a reading entailing nothing other than what I see happening in your future, well, I have a phone number of professionals who can help you with that. 

Ethics is critical in any profession. When embarking on this path of serving humanity, you have to consider what feels right or wrong to you, and act accordingly. And there you have it!

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