Living from Your Heart

I parked it to write this blog, and several topics jostled about my cranium, vying to be written about today. Which one to choose, hmmmm? So I tuned into my intuition, and a new topic presented itself: how to use one’s heart energy to literally “live from your heart.” I guess I will further tune into this energy to get the words to finish this! It isn’t a subject I have considered, so I am interested to read the information I feel I am being channeled right at this second.

“Too many people live from their head only. They overthink, analyze, rationalize, scrutinize until they have completely lost the ability to listen to the wisest organ in the body: their hearts. This blood- pumping, life- giving muscle in our chest knows more about who we are than we give it credit for. It is the part of our physical selves associated with that most lofty of emotions, love. Most humans whose basic needs are met would agree that it’s important to have a life that they love, to have a sense of satisfaction in their chest when they examine the contents of their daily existence. Of course, we aren’t going to love every aspect of our lives, but more about it should feel good than not. Otherwise, you have a dilemma on your hands.

So how does one tune into the heart’s wisdom and knowledge when it’s time to make decisions, especially the more pressing ones, such as deciding an occupation, staying or leaving a lover, or move across the country?

Start by going somewhere that you can be peaceful and quiet. The great outdoors is always a fine place to hear oneself clearer, but shutting the bedroom door and listening to soothing tunes will work in a pinch. Some deep belly breathing will assist with clearing the mind. When you are ready, reflect on the situation requiring a decision. Ask your heart, “what should I do? ” Notice how it feels when you contemplate the various solutions. What images pass through your inner movie screen, the 3rd eye, right in the center of your forehead? Do you hear guidance, or feel that a certain step to take is the right one? But mostly, pay attention to how you feel in your heart area when you consider your options. You may indeed sense more in other parts of your being than having your heart give you a clear “yes!” or “hell no!”, but trust that once the heart has been engaged, it will convey the info to you in the best way for you to receive it.  Find a way to go with what feels best in your heart, and believe it is the most correct decision for you.”

So that is what I was channeled just now. Sounds like solid advice! I am going to use it myself today as I cogitate on a difficult circumstance in my own life. Feel free to try it, drop me a line at, and let me know how it works out for you!

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