What’s Hot To Trot About Aging–And What’s Not

Aging gets a shitty rap. Now that I am getting old enough to be weathering the storms of perimenopause and it’s absolute weirdness, I can understand why. ¬†Actually I understood why it gets a shitty rap quite a long time ago when my grandparents and dad died. I am here to tell ya: aging ain’t all a turd fest. It truly has benefits, and in some cases, many of them! Come along with me while I tell you a tale of what I dig about no longer being a “spring chicken.”

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My Top 5 Bitchin’ Things About Aging

Our society can suck it when it comes to–GASP!!–that dirty, foul topic of aging. Really, media and corporations hawking beauty products attempt to badger especially us females into feeling distinctly “less than” as we age. For many of us, add that societal beast of burden to losing our loved ones, the boring task of saving for retirement (yawn!), and for chicks, the specter of impending menstrual cessation–then no one is ready to throw a sassy party because the years are ticking by. ( I personally celebrate and gaily anticipate the demise of my menses, but I know many women want it to remain forever. Gah!)

But me. I shall wage a one woman party, nay, festival, of aging on this my 48th year of springing energetically from my mumsy’s baby maker. ¬†Here is what I think is just kick ass about it! And in no particular order.

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