Part 2 of the Jocular Post, “How Do You Deal with Skeptics?”


So Wowsy Woosy!!! I had a fabulous conversation today and was simply compelled to write about it.

I asked a lady what she thought prompted folks to be skeptical about animal communication, psychic ability, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Her answer was amazeballs! I had NEVER even considered it for two seconds! It explained so much to me.

She thoughtfully replied that believing in my profession can be such a gargantuan task for some because it may require they rework their entire belief systems. For example, if they don’t believe in God, feel animals function on instinct only, or whatever which is night and day different from me, then believing in my work creates an entire Pandora’s Box of theoretical constructs which may no longer be true. This could induce much squirming and nose wrinkling and wine guzzling in some. I can understand that!

To me, very little about existence is black and white. Ifs, ands, or buts abound in many of life’s situations. That is according to me. I easily questioned my religious background when I discovered it made very little sense to me and moved on in search of greener spiritual pastures offering fewer philosophical cow patties. I do feel I was born with brass lady balls. None of it was an issue. I have always been on the brave, rather wacky side of life.

Much of humanity is my polar opposite. They read their religious texts, listen to their parents, take it all to heart, never question it, and that is how they remain. for. There is nothing wrong with that at all!! Some are not born a free spirit, capable of enjoying their own thought processes and deciding what doesn’t and does fit into their internal schema. We wacky types march to the beat of our own drum; some don’t even hear the drum at all. And we are all needed in order to ensure that  souls learn what they came into this body for. We are here to both teach and learn-that would not have a chance in hell of working if we were  exactly alike.

So viva la difference, as the French or someone proclaims!

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