Why I Am A Psychic Medium, Etc.

As I pondered what on earth to write about today, I decided to glance through my old blogs to see what stone I had left unturned about me and my psychic world. There is a large doozy of a stone left unturned, and that is why I do what I do. What would make one want to ditch her hard earned master’s degree and the career she was so excited about to do this instead? I have three answers: the government and insurance companies. Number three shall show herself a little later in our blog.

The career I had practically drooled and frothed at the mouth to enter was that of a clinical social worker. A counselor, to be exact. For many moons, I had dreamed of having my own practice, helping clients with whatever. For many moons much longer than that, people had spontaneously told me their troubles. And I was happy with that. I loved (and still do) when someone shared their heart and soul with me, maybe seeking advice, maybe not. Didn’t matter; I still enjoyed the dialogue. Continue reading “Why I Am A Psychic Medium, Etc.”

A Mighty Fine New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions  (NYR) are spilling forth from the lips of all and sundry as 2016 proceeds on its merry path.

I personally don’t do NYR . My last one was several years ago. For some reason, I had the foolish notion I should stop uttering the F Bomb so much. HA HA HA! Took me about three days to say, “Eff this!!!”, flip it the bird, and go on.

So what is prompting me to write about NYR? I was in the weirdest ass mood yesterday–don’t ask!! Continue reading “A Mighty Fine New Year’s Resolution”