Can Psychics Accurately Predict the Future?

Here is my answer: Yes and no. And frankly, my dear, I don’t care about predicting the future!

(All the following information I share is from my own experience and education. Someone else may have a totally opposing point of view. That’s all good! Take what works for you, and leave the rest behind. TRIGGER ALERT: discussion of rape in this blog, but no grody details or whatnot.)

I spoke with a few other psychics who have been in this occupation for several years prior to penning this blog, and they all agreed that life is a combo platter of destiny and free will. It isn’t exclusively one or the other that determines the events of your life. It’s what you do with what happens to you, and it’s how you create opportunities in your own life via manifestation techniques, prayer, or whatever method blows your skirt up.  You and the Universe drive the bus together, so to speak. 

You may be thinking, “What kind of a lame ass psychic are you if you can’t tell me my future?”  I usually can tell you what I see coming up for you in the future. BUT!!! And here’s the big BUT, it is what you DO with that information that determines the outcome, not what I saw.

Here is an example from my own life: I have been raped twice. Most folks would agree that is a pretty rotten deal. I certainly think so. In one situation, I was minding my own business, and a man broke into my apartment. The second time, a “friend” was the perpetrator. I never did anything to deserve or bring on either event. It was solely shit that happened to me, shit that I would give anything to have never endured. 

At times, I have certainly been bitter about these assaults. The ensuing PTSD has been horrific. I don’t tell you this in order to receive a pity party. I share this because these events could have really derailed my life. Trauma has a way of thoroughly fucking up everything, trust me. It is a shit show of epic proportions. I could have just said, screw it, and continued with drugs and drinking, or died by suicide when the flashbacks and nightmares became overwhelming. But I didn’t. I chose to fight and regain my life to the best of my ability, even when my resources to do so were slim to none. By making the decision to become better no matter how grueling, regardless of how exhausting, the Universe slowly but surely paved the way to heal. Everything I have needed to become the most mentally healthy I could came to me at just the right time. Best of all, I fell madly and deeply in love with a spectacular man whose job provides outrageously good insurance.  For all of our 22 years of marriage, I have had unlimited counseling sessions each year. I have even had 2 a week during rough periods, and Anthem has never denied coverage. 

So it was destiny, I believe, that brought about the assaults, but it was I (and the Universe) who have done the healing—because that is what I chose to do with the situation. 

Besides, if psychics could accurately predict the future all the time, how boring that would be. The joy, the juice, of life is in all its myriad twists and turns. 

So if your goal is to be happily married, don’t ask a psychic, “Will I meet the right one?” Ask the psychic, “HOW do I meet the right one? What do I need to do?” With practice, you will learn there are times to be more active in manifesting your desires, and times to ask the Universe to take over.

After 55 years in this bag of bones, I have seen, and now thoroughly believe, it’s how I show up with what happens that creates my life.