For John Sake, Don’t Do THIS!!!!!

Am I urging you not to eat beans before a critical job interview? No. It is way worse than that. For me, farting during an interview is preferable to this! It is one of the biggest, grand daddy of ’em all, fat, honkin’ intuitive mistakes you could ever make. And it could have nasty consequences. It did for me.

I am referring to receiving intuitive guidance and ASSUMING you know what it means! OUCH! Literally. I made this HUGE error in December. I kept hearing “Slow down.” “Slow down.” And I assumed (and no, it didn’t make an ass of my guides–just me) they were referring to not overscheduling myself, so I of course did just that.  Ensured I had time for R & R and all that jazz.WRONG! They meant to NOT physically move so quickly with increasing my work hours and time spent in physical activity. A true suckfest thusly ensued. I restrained my knee ligaments, which had healed so lovely, and screwed them up the worst I have since a major ligament injury in 1996. How did I make this ghastly error? I didn’t think.  Dad died at the end of November, and my brain distinegrates into total pppppffffftttttt when I am grieving. Common Sense takes a long trip to Europe when I grieve, leaving me prone to poor decisions and various stupidities until my heart heals a bit. Continue reading “For John Sake, Don’t Do THIS!!!!!”