Things that make ya go hmmmmm….

When you think about enjoying an actual reading with me, you may wonder  what it entails. I don’t blame you! Every intuitive is different. Well, this is what it is like…

I  start by saying a prayer before you  arrive. I begin the actual session by making sure you understand that you have the power to change any information regarding your future. You have free will–life ain’t set in stone, folks. I have a release form to sign (I am married to a lawyer, so go figure). After that, I sit quietly, shoes off, with whatever crystals I feel a kinship with that day, and connect with your heart energy. I do this by extending a white light out from my heart to yours, with the light also extending into the earth. It also travels up to my Higher Self, my Guides, Angels, my Divine Spiritual Family, and up to Spirit itself. Usually by that point, if not before, information begins to pour in. Sometimes I hear it, see it like watching a movie, sometimes I just know. It is always different with each client. I don’t do anything ultra weird like speak in a deep, masculine voice, roll my eyes back in my head while moaning and pointing my finger into the ethers, spin my head around in circles whilst spewing green pea soup….I just sit there like I have common sense and do my thing. Now one time, a client probably thought I was crazier than a shit house wolf due to my behavior. I was reading in a bar full of spirits, and they were being very nosy. I turned my head sharply and snapped to the air, “Do you mind? We would like to have some privacy.” Wooppps! She understood once I explained it to her. But that was just one reading. Rest of the time—smooth sailing.

My readings can be more of a dialogue, or not. You can ask questions, sit quietly, cry, talk….whatever you need. My intention is always that you receive what you are ready for, what is for your greatest good and highest joy. I don’t purposely seek information for you about your future. I am more about helping you know what you want from life and how to take the best steps to get it. My life coaching skills come into play as  I seek to provide information that is practical and useful.  I know that when you leave, I have done my best to ensure your resources were well spent. I also sometimes get spirits bellying up to the bar for a chat–if so, then we go for it! I love that part especially. So gratifying to see loved ones reconnecting. At the end of the reading, I ask if there are any further messages. I then disconnect from you so I don’t continue to receive info about you all day. That is critical!!

And that is pretty much all there is to it. Useful, practical, spiritual, and sometimes really funny–that’s me and my readings.

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