By crackey, I can talk to cats too!

Well, am I talented or what? 🙂  Not only can I converse with your dead relatives, sense spirits in buildings, and read your energy, I can chat it up with your animals too. Now bear in mind, I don’t feel this is my calling in life and don’t offer this to clients. I adore animals, don’t eat meat or dairy, lead as vegan of a life as I can without making myself nuts–you would think I would be hopping up and down to further develop and share this skill. Naaahhhhh. I am meant more to work with people. But I am posting this to share with you a delightful experience I had about a year and a half ago with my cat Don Ho as he was passing into the spirit world. It was astounding–mind boggling–really bonerific!! I just want to open your eyes today to the fact that animals are just like us in every way, shape, and form, but in different bodies. That is why I treat them with the utmost respect and abhor factory farming. Oh crap, don’t get me started–quick! Someone get me off my factory farming soapbox before it gets ugly! Whew! That was a close call. Anyhooters, if animal communication is something you would love to experience with your hairy pals, then check out my friend Shannon Gross. She is the BOMB!! We have been using her services for a few years now and love her. Shannon’s website is conveniently as follows:

So sit back, grab your Kleenex, and enjoy the following tale:


Hello all! I just wanted to share with everyone that Don Ho had his “coming out party”  (thank you, Shannon, for putting that so well) on Friday, Oct 10. Poor Don had struggled with IBS since Jan. or Feb., and he finally decided he had enough. He got to “come out” of his cat body and head back to Spirit. Even though some of you may never have had the joy of meeting Don, I am sharing this with everyone because the experience of his passing was very moving.

As you may know, I can communicate with animals. Yes, I actually have conversations with them just like I do a person. It is fabulous. I could do this before Don became ill, but it was his illness that prompted me to develop my skills. I needed to be able to help him, or so I thought. Little did I know how much he would help me.

As far as his actual passing, it is the grand pooba highlight of all my intuitive adventures. Our wonderful vet Julie Towle came to the house on Friday about 12:30 to give him the shot. Don and I had communicated as usual during the morning, him meowing to share his thoughts verbally, as well as sending them to me intuitively. He let me know that we would always be connected and would still be able to talk even after he left. His sense of humor was sharp as ever, and he had me laughing and crying at the same time. His actions seemed to be nervous about passing, but I could tell he actually felt a pleasurable anticipation of returning to Spirit. He had endured a very stark diet while sick. So, as soon as we had set the date for Julie to visit and pain medications were doled out, Don was then able to indulge himself in all the foods he wanted so badly. He had plates of chicken and tuna, butter shortbreads soaked in soymilk creamer, dog cookies, and melted margarine to his hearts content. He ate so much, I feared he might explode! What a happy man he was. Our friend and critter communicator Shannon Gross had kindly offered energy work during Don’s passing, and I called her as soon as I knew julie was on her way. I had a good laugh with her and Don as we chatted about what was going on, and before Shannon hung up, she said she could see the energy of Don’s friends and family from the Other Side in our living room. I was grateful they had arrived, but couldn’t see or feel them at that time. Well, that didn’t last long. I was so despaired about him leaving, but that didn’t last long. Suddenly, in my head, I heard “they’re here” and felt the most loving, high energy I have ever felt in my life enter our kitchen (it was even better than the energy radiating from the Dalai Lama when I saw him speak in ’96 or ’97). I immediately became ecstatic for Don and was overwhelmed with the loving, excited energy that Don was radiating. Not long after, Julie arrived. Don said that he did want the shot that would pretty much knock him flat before the final shot, but then he took off to the kitchen. Julie and I followed, but Don was busy eating chicken. That is my son, let me tell ya. Eating to the very end. So we let him eat a bit more, then I picked him up for the shot. As soon as I put him back onto the table, he promptly stuck his head back into the bowl of chicken and started eating. The shot weakened him almost immediately, and he zonked out with his head in the bowl of chicken. I know he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. We went back into the living room and placed Don on the couch. I laid my head down across from his so we were eye to eye. I never cried at all during this time because of the love I felt in the room from the energies who had come to welcome him home. After Julie gave him the shot, I suddenly saw a HUGE glowing ball of gold and white light in my mind’s eye. it rose up to the ceiling and hovered over by the window. Don said to me, ” I have left my body”. Someone from Spirit said some other things to me about Don, but I don’t remember them. Suddenly, I had the feeling of just being thrilled beyond belief, similar to the way I get before I ride the Son of Beast at King’s Island. It was the intense joy Don felt at being out of his body. Cool is such a lame word to describe this feeling, but I can’t think of anything else. It was just too cool. Julie pronounced Don’s body to be dead, and we all hugged. oh, also , shortly after Don left his body, he told me “It’s Miller Time!” Don kept talking to me as we cleaned up the various messes around the apartment (all the food, the litter box, etc), and as i dumped his plate of tuna into the trash, Don said” I’m here. I ‘m not done with that!” We buried him at my mom and dad’s farm, out in the back with all of our other beloved pets. As I began to wrap up Don in his blanket and put him into his grave, he popped in and said “hey, make me look pretty”.   Ever the jokester, our Don.

Since his passing, I am extremely sad and heartbroken that he is no longer with us physically. Tonight I will take my first bath in I don’t know how many years without Don sitting on the side of the tub. It will be hard. I am so fortunate that he still talks to me, and that I can hear him loud and clear. Don taught me so much in the 13 years I had the blessing to be his mom; it was through his presence that I reached several milestones in my intuitive development. Don taught me two very important things in the last months he was here. #1–make time for the people and animals you love. I hate, hate, hate how busy I am all the time, and I feel sick when I think of the times that Don asked me to play with him and my response was “not now–mommy is busy”. What joy both he and I missed because of my busyness. I am going to spend some time this week figuring out how to not be so busy in order to better enjoy the blessings of family and friends.#2, animals are capable of more than most of us can ever imagine. They are brilliant. They are so much like us— emotionally, physically, mentally –and most of us have never had exposure to the fullness of the wonders they offer. If you would like to learn how to communicate with animals, my friend Shannon teaches classes. She is ready if you are. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can communicate with their pets in the way that Shannon and I do. Please feel free to contact her at to talk with her about classes. Or call her at 337-1120. If you are so inclined, allow yourself into the miracles that animals have to offer. I promise you will never regret it.

Well, Don told me this morning that I have important work to do here in the future, and he will be directing me with it. Makes me curious! He says I am having my “Miller time” also and that I am to rest while he is. So I will be doing that this week, but am very eager to see what Don has up his kitty sleeve next. Thank you for sharing my story, and I hope that I do Don proud with my “important work” and that I will have something of value to share with you in the future.

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