Intuitive Shopping–yes, it happens!

Yes, I do use my intuitive skills to shop. Even at places like Big Lots!!

A case in point:

A week or so ago, I was thinking I needed to hightail it to Big Lots to stock up on epsom salt (exercise like crazy and soak in it to relieve sore muscles). Since the bastards at Target now charge $3.99 for a box of it (the only thing I hate about Target–love everything else), my thrifty ass heads to Big Lots about every 2 months. At that illustrious bastion of retail glory, I can stock up on epsom salt for $2.20 a box. As I pondered my next Big Lots epsom salt extravaganza, I got that feeling that I would find other desirable goodies there as well. Now, Big Lots isn’t my favorite place to shop for anything besides the cheap muscle soak. It doesn’t provide me with the shivery jolt of pleasure that Macy’s or Forever 21 do. But I was just getting that vibe……and sure enough!! I have been needing a new pillow and blanket for my reiki table. Being a fussy sod (and thrifty), this isn’t neccessarily an easy task. But there they were….as the clouds parted and the angels sang, I saw a wonderfully soft pillow that is perfect for my clients’s little noogins. Off to the side, there was lovely cream colored blanket, satin on one side, plushy and soft on the other. Voila!!! Perfection.

How did I find which items Spirit was telling me about once I entered the store? I simply asked. Once I was in the door, I asked which way I needed to go. I heard to go straight, then left. I did as recommended and ran smack dab into my goodies. No wandering about, no nose picking wondering where the hell the items were….just right there, as I heard. I have heard on numerous other occasions as I just drove down the road to go to one store or another because there was something there I needed. One time, I went into TJ Maxx as directed, asked where to go once I was in the store, followed directions, and found the perfect long down coat to wear while walking Daisy in the ghastly Indiana winters–for $40. 3 years later, said coat is holding up well and is in great condition. I could blab on and on of my intuitive retail adventures, but won’t. Simply wanted to share one more example of the intelligent use of intuition in every day life.

So, how do you learn to shop intuitively? That is a blog for another day…stay tuned!

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