A Blog About Intuition–Written Intuitively

This should be good! I have no idea what I am going to write about, as I shall be tuning in to my guides and allowing them to chat with ya’all this morning. Ready for an adventure? Here we go!! Oh, keep in mind I am connected to some real jokesters up there, ok?

“Slow down! You humans do too much. You should see it from up here–you look like ants scurrying around building a colony. We can’t get through to you if you don’t slow down enough to hear us. We give you what you want to know in a variety of ways–songs, dreams, bill boards, random thoughts, but if you are too lost in your own mind, then it is all for naught. Plus, you tend not to believe–you think only certain people have the ability to connect with their guides and friends who have passed. Not true! The main thing is slowing down. I can’t stress this enough.” — from my guide Jon.

“Love each other more. There are too many arguments and disagreements that get in the way of fun–pure, simple fun matters. So does love. Enjoy each of them.” –from my Grandpa Sever.

“Slow down and take time for what matters.”–from my Granny Joy.  Good to hear from her–she is normally the type who works more behind the scenes.

“Love your families more. Forgiveness is important. You are part of a soul group, so you may as well deal with one another rather than avoid the lessons.”–from my Higher Self, the portion of our energy that remains in Spirit as we reincarnate.

Well, that is it. Usually they are sillier than that, but I guess they decided to behave. They can do that sometimes, just like me. 🙂

Please listen to your own guides and others from Spirit who want to help. We are never alone; help is always available. And laughs too!

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