Why in the dickens would you want to be more intuitive?

Heh heh…..ha ha ha. You can tell I have kinfolk from Bean Blossom, Indiana. “Why in the dickens” is a snazzy little phrase I picked up from my grandmother, Jeanette Eldina Snider. She is probably rolling over in her grave because I have shared her middle name, but I love it. Lordy, I am digressing early in this blog, aren’t I? On to the topic at hand…why you would want to be more intuitive.

Being highly intuitive comes with its ups and downs, just like everything else life hands us (and/or we hand ourselves.) So why would you want it? Here are some compelling reasons to practice and hone your intuitive skills:

1. It can literally save your life. Many moons ago when I was a ditzy blond more concerned with partying and farting around, I worked with a guy who I COULD NOT STAND! This is a highly unusual state of affairs since I tend to seek the best in people and laugh at about anything anyone says. None of my friends could fathom my distaste for this guy–I couldn’t either. I just wanted to run the hell away when he got near. He just felt creepy. I avoided him at all costs. Several years later, he and his cronies broke into a home, burglarized it, and slit the throats of the 3 teenagers who had the misfortune to be there. This guy was the throat slitter. Go figure.

2. It can keep you from dating/marrying jackasses. Again, during the aforementioned period of my bungling youth, I excitedly enjoyed a first date with a charming, boisterous man who I had been foaming at the mouth over for quite some time. Despite my giddiness of being in the presence of such an oozer of masculinity, something in my gut was telling me he was crazier than a shithouse wolf. Yep, kept thinking he was just a flaming wack job. You don’t have to be Einstein to decipher what came next. An intensely ugly 9 month period of my life because? This dude was a total nutter.

3. It can lead you to what is best for you. My husband is a lawyer. So what, who gives a flying crap, lady–yeah, that is what you are thinking. But the reason this is so freakin’ astounding is because I ALWAYS dated nothing but artists, musicians, and various highly creative hippy types. I refused to look elsewhere, though this brilliant dating ruse was leading to nothing but a lot of very strange stories which will be turned into a book at some point in my life. My friend kept encouraging me to date Jim, but I really thought she just needed to reduce her daily intake of marijauna. I mean, really. A lawyer. Pfffttt. I saw him, and he could have been the Eddie Bauer/Young Republican poster child. My scoffing at the mere thought reached an all time high. One conversation, one first date, 5 months later…this astounding man put an engagement ring on my finger. Almost 11 years later, I can’t imagine living without him. You see, during that first conversation, something inside of me felt like a brick had been thrown at my head. I knew like I know the sun comes up daily that I had to get to know him better. And I knew I had to be the one to ask him out because he was too shy. When he asked me to marry him after only  5 months, I said yes because I knew it was right.

4. Other good stuff…..being able to use an ability called remote viewing to see what is going on ahead of you in traffic, receive information about shopping while at the mall, determine what your best lipstick color is…really, the sky is the limit.

So what do you want to use it for?

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