Ya Gotta Park that Arse and Shut that Cakehole!!

“I wish I could do what you can do.”    ” You are so lucky to be so intuitive.”

These are remarks I hear over and over again. Now, I want you to know, angels did not swoop down at my birth, wings just a’flappin’ to beat the band, and gently sprinkle me in some sort of angelic fairy dust that enabled me to have super human powers. I just can guarantee that I do one thing very, very differently than you—I routinely park my arse and shut my cakehole. You know why? Because you MUST get quiet and stay that way if you are ever going to harness the power of your intuition. It is that simple–and that complicated.  Simple because it is free–solitude doesn’t empty your pocket of a even a penny, unless you are skipping off to a high falutin’ retreat. Simple because it is easy, sorta—be alone and be quiet. How hard is that? In our culture, it is like they say in the tiny farm community where I was birthed and raised, “it is like trying to pull hen’s teeth.” Pretty much impossible. So it seems.

Blackberries, iPhone apps out our wazoos, texting, Twitter…..the list of technological advances designed to improve the quality of our lives can dramatically reduce it if we aren’t careful. We are encouraged to be connected, know what is going on with our blue million Facebook friends at all times, do this, do that….our choices of things to do, people to see, information to learn is now mind boggling. Solitude…what is that anymore? I am the only one I know who doesn’t text at all, I don’t talk on the phone when I drive, and I actually shut it off at times. I ALWAYS take time to head out into nature, smell the breeze, revel in the sun, touch the glorious flowers….and just reconnect to myself and Spirit. Without this, I get stuck in my head. My intuition heads to the backburner, only to come out and play when beckoned.

So how do you carve out the time in our Indy 500 paced world to park your arse and shut your cakehole? Set boundaries and schedule it. Tell the ones you live with that you are doing this and wave good bye. Delegate responsibilities to others so you can have this time. When a friend calls and wants you to go play, say no. You have a very special date scheduled with yourself, nature, and Spirit. Then just enjoy.

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