Enjoying the Holidays with My “Dead” Relatives

Oh yeahhh……I am at it again! Put your seat belts on and grab the bitch handle, readers, cause it’s gonna be an adventurous ride (read) today!

Yes, indeed, I shall greatly enjoy the companionship of my dearest relatives who have passed into Spirit this holiday season. No, there shall not be LSD or mushrooms involved either. As my mediumship (one who communicates with the Spirit world) abilities have grown, I can now contact my grandparents when I want to sometimes. I am still perfecting my method, but this is what I will do to converse with them and see what manner of mischief they are causing elsewhere.

My brother and his family live in my grandpa’s house, so we will mosey on down there to talk with him because he still hangs out there and throws objects about when he gets a wild hair. It is easier to pick up on his vibration at his home. I just set the intent that I can contact him (picture calling him on the cell–will he answer or not? That is what it is like.), then connect my energy upward. Grandpa Sever usually answers my call. He has VERY strong energy still, so he is currently the easiest one for me to pick up. How do I know I have Grandpa Sever “on the line”? It is just the same as it is here, minus the physical body. When we greet someone, not only do we see them with our eyes, we sense and experience their energy with our intuitive antennae. Grandpa’s energy feels the same now as it did when he was in his body….very loving, comical with an ornery slant. Then we will just talk….just like we did when Grandpa was hanging out in his bag of bones. Next, ask to communicate with my other grandparents, aunts, uncles….anyone who wants to chat. I just wear a big ol’ Cheshire cat grin on my mug imagining it….OMG, I do so love being able to hear them again.

So how can you do the same, or similar? How can you too experience the loving vibes of your family and friends who have left our fair planet? Try these suggestions with a very open mind:

First, you MUST protect your energy. This isn’t just for sh*ts and giggles….you must ask the Universe to protect you as you connect to your loved ones and state the intention that ONLY your loved ones respond.

Next, be quiet in a space where you can relax and be left in peace. Place photos of your loved ones in front of you, and simply recall memories. Ask them to send you any greetings, information, whatever as you gaze at their photo. Be patient. You may hear something that doesn’t quite seem like your usual internal talk, you may “see” something in your mind’s eye that is unusual…or there may be nothing. Sometimes these activities take practice….lots of it. Sometimes they happen easily. Who knows what your experience will be. If there seems to be no connection, remember they can send a message of love through songs playing on the radio that remind you of them, or there will be something that shows up which serves as a reminder of them. Let it be what it is, and know that with practice, you can better hear and talk with them. At least setting aside that time to stroll down memory lane will provide joy and comfort and a time to grieve the fact that they aren’t here. Allowing both the love and the sorrow to be there is important.

In all the readings I do, the one consistent message I ALWAYS receive from “dead” people is that the love we shared with them on earth is never, ever severed even though their bodies are 6 feet under. Time, space, stars, and galaxies can never separate us from them; we are always together. I hope this brings you peace and comfort this holiday season if you are grieving. Just remember–the most important thing, the love, always remains.

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