Got a business? Build that sucker with your intuition

I am a firm believer that you can use your intuition for anything you get the urge to use it for….baking a cake, discerning the weather, what the hell is causing that traffic jam up ahead of you, who is the smelly hog who didn’t wash his pits before he arrived at hot yoga this morning… is the limit, folks. One activity I have found it to be especially delightful for is building my business, Your Coach for Life (website is, just in case you were nosy. Not gonna make you use your intuition to figure that one out–he he he he! LOL!)

I know you are thinking, “Well, Annie, you brilliant biatch, just how do you do that? Damn, are you giving Einstein a run for his money these days or what?” No, no Nobel Prize for my rosy red ass–just using a potent combo of common sense and intuition. When I have solely listened to the advice of experts, I have screwed myself over. Why? Not because these people didn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, but because none of what I was “supposed” to be doing was in my heart and head to do. I just didn’t wanna do this crap–it felt so wrong to me. Example: sticking it out in this gargantuan networking group that made my head spin with the sheer volume of people. Networking is about building relationships, finding those who can help you grow your business and who you can do the same for. How in the balls are you supposed to do that when there are more people milling around than you can shake a stick at? And a lot of them had really nervous energy, like they were about to crap their drawers or something. No fun to be around either. Not much was happening for me with this bunch, but for 9 LLL…oooo…nnnn..ggg months, I dragged this bs out. When I finally heeded the little voice in my head which for eons had been screaming, “You will get more clients if you seek elsewhere”, let us guess what happened? I got more clients. Duh. I also agreed to work with clients I got a distinctly weird and tooty fruity vibe from, and I paid the price for that with lots of headaches and aggravation.

The best Preparation H for this kind of business hemorrhoid is going with your own flow, seasoned lightly with excellent advice from others. Yes, we business owners all have tasks to perform that we despise and must be done–taxes must be dealt with and paperwork must be handled. Bleeeccchhhh! But you need to process those chores in the way that works for you…maybe take more frequent breaks, a nap, drink a martini while handling your paperwork (just joking…I think.) You can’t force yourself into a paper management system you read in a book just because Mr. Know It All Fancy Pants Britches Who Has A Big Dong authored it. If he has some good ideas, sit quietly and ask your Higher Self how to tweak them so they fit for you. Then, and only then, will that paper management system make you happy.

Using your intuition to build your business is as easy peasy as cutting the cheese too. Simply retire your crack to a place where you won’t be bothered, and for God’s sake, ditch that damn iPhone or other loud, jangling electronic device. Breathe easily and notice the thoughts in your head, slowing your breath. Keep just breathing and relaxing, then ask your intuition any question. If you receive no answer, don’t throw a hissy fit and ditch the whole operation. Instead, trust you will receive that information in the near future. Write or draw on some paper to record your responses if you want. Or not. It is your process, and this method is a recommendation on how to start. Yes, Mrs. Know It All Fancy Pants Who Does Not Have a Big Dong authored this blog, but it is up to you to practice and find your own intuitive process.

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