My Top 5 Intuitive Development Books

My goodness! But what a bevy, a veritable, massive bevy of books about psychic phenomena these days! What to read first? Who is truly credible? Will stuffing my piehole into this book every night do me a damn bit of good anyway?

Let us clear up the question of whether or not reading about intuitive development will do you any good. It will….if you practice what you read. If you believe that you can do what you read. Just reading the book and taking no action will be like moseying your fanny into the local Y, then reclining on the floor and watching everyone else sweat to the oldies. If you are serious about becoming more intuitive, then you must be willing to put the time and effort into it. And every single last one of us is intuitive. All of us. So get that belief system rearranged, grab your specs, and let’s fire up some righteous reading!

1. My all time, flat out favorite—The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette. It is like the Little Black Dress of every woman’s wardrobe…you just gotta have it. It is your most simple, basic, easy to use primer on how to flex your psychic muscles. Chock full of sensible advice on how to get your crystal ball rolling, it leads you from  beginning steps through to more complex exercises. Take it bit by bit, and do a chapter a month. Or crunch down hard on this baby, and jam your way through. It is for all levels and all time schedules.

2. Anything by John Edward. Now I have my issues with the way John talks to people attending his large group sessions, but I still admire him.  I used his books to acquaint myself with the entire gamut of intuitive possibilities and experiences.

3. Practical Intuition by Laura Day. A no-jackassery approach to the daily use of intuition. This is one of the first ones I read, and I remember savoring how sensible it seemed. She helped me understand the wisdom of using my intuition more than my logic, a concept I struggled with for years. (It is just gonna be that way when you are the daughter of a science teacher. I was raised in a very logical home. HA HA HA! And I swear I wasn’t adopted.)

4. So You Want To Be A Medium by Rose Vanden Eynden. Rose knows her stuff, as she is a Spiritualist. They are the grand poobas in the art of mediumship, or I think so. Rose guides you from start to finish of your mediumship development days. She teaches  the difference between  spirit guides and angels, stresses that you too are truly able to connect with the Spirit world, then demonstrates how to make it happen. I achieved remarkable progress in my readings after using her suggestions. Thank God I picked up this book.

5. The Language Of Miracles by Amelia Kinkade. If you ever wanted to talk with Fido and discover why he considers cat turds to be haute cuisine, here’s your chance. This is the humdinger I read when I itched to chat with the critters, and it scratched my little itch just dandily! Using her suggestions, I cultivated the ability to facilitate a conversation between an animal and his/her human. I currently offer this as one of my professional services after reading this book.

Where to start? Which to read first? Choose the one that makes you happiest when you consider reading, or just allow your intuition to choose. However you slice it and dice it, you can’t go wrong with one of the goodies above.

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