Be a Good Girl or Boy, and Use Your Protection

And I am not talking about condoms here, either. The cooties and nasties we turn our attention to in this blog are simply yucky energy in its various forms.

We  encounter negative energy through a bevy of methods. The people we have contact with physically, even briefly, can supply us with a liberal dose of crappy vibes. If you feel tired and drained after being around a certain person or large groups, then rest assured you are the lucky recipient of their low energy. I was on a train in Chicago, heading downtown to shop with Jim, abuzz with the untethered exuberance that only a shopping trip provides. Not a single cell in my sassy little self felt the least bit tired, until……a young man boarded and slouched beside me. IMMEDIATELY all I cared about was a nap. Filene’s Basement could go screw itself….where was my pillow? Feeling deflated, I was concerned I had eaten poorly at lunch and was experiencing a blood sugar crash, which would jack with my ability to shop in the frisky manner I had planned. Next stop, the aforementioned slouchy young man shuffled off the train, and WHAM! Energy restored! HE had been draining me, not my delicious lunch. Thank God. Shopping snafu diverted.

Negative energy also arrives with a flourish from the Spirit world. Not to scare you, but I have had a few clients who have been awakened by a spirit energy choking them. Nice. Others have been hit in the head, or pushed. I had one slap me on the arm as I tried to sleep…..that sucker received a spry tongue lashing from me! Never had that problem again. Other clients say they see dark shapes around their house, or are simply aware of some sort of negativity in their energy field which isn’t coming from them or anyone in the physical realm.

So how do we protect ourselves and keep our energy clean as the driven snow?

1. Clean your energy field daily just as you do your body. Every morning, before I even sip my morning tea, I spray around myself with a blend of distilled water and an essential oil made by Young Living called Purification. I state the intention that my energy is cleansed and cleared. You can purchase this oil here in Indy by contacting Vicki Beaman at 317-923-7884.

2. Say a prayer of protection every morning. Doesn’t matter what is it, where you get it, but state some type of intention that you keep your energy and everyone else keep theirs. I have a lengthy prayer which Vicki Beaman gave me; I have her permission to share it. Please send me a message if you would like it. I have used it every morning since 2005 with much success.

3. Provide your physical body and energy field with a large dose of cleansing by bathing at least once or twice a week in organic raw apple cider vinegar and epsom salt. Now it doesn’t smell pretty–you may be tempted to dump a bag of shredded cabbage in it and make some slaw. LOL! But it is some heavy duty Mr. Clean for toxins in any part of you.

4. Limit exposure to the news, negative music, violent movies, and perpetually cranky people. All those low vibes do nothing to add to your joy and zip. This is called preventative medicine for your energy, my dears.

5. When doing any type of energetic or psychic work, specifically state that you only receive information from those in the White Light. If you just connect out there with any old energy moseying along, you could latch onto a real turd. Bluntly and firmly stating who you will work with keeps the stinkers at bay. And they are out there. I had a few show up to party when I began my intuitive journey. I sharply ordered them to get lost, scram, they weren’t welcome. They left.

These are just a few of the items in my protective bag of tricks. What else have you done that has kept your energy bright and spry? Please share! An old dog can always learn new tricks, and this old dog loves to learn!

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