And Here is How You Do It…..Straight from the Piehole of My Spirit Guide John

Well, lucky  me! I don’t have to write my blog today–my spirit guide John is doing it for me. He has something to share with everyone, so grab yourself a Twinkie, sit back, and enjoy!
“Today I shall talk about connecting with your spirit guides. They are like your butt…..everyone has one. Not saying that your guides are butts, now, just that you all have them. I am just giving you the low down on how to connect easily and quickly.

Step 1: Ask to communicate with us. Trust we will be there. It really is that simple.

Step 2: Be quiet and listen for the wind. What wind, you are probably asking right now. What I mean is listen for that which does not seem present. Be patient. Try and try again. We may come to you as pictures, words, thoughts, sounds….whatever you notice which is atypical of your usual stream of consciousness is us.

Step 3: Take notes. Listening to us will do you no good if you don’t remember answers to questions you ask.

Step 4: Remember that you have free will and can choose not to take our loving, well meaning, and perfect advice. Ahem. HA HA! We are offering you wise guidance, and you have to decide what action you will take . You are in charge of your life, not us. We are helpers, here when you need us. We are like your best friends in the sky.

Step 5: Repeat often. When you are sad, when you are confused, whatever you feel…we are here to assist. And we are free! What more could you ask. You must trust yourself to learn how to communicate with us, and you are not crazy. We exist. Allow this joy and fun and ease into your life.

Please go slowly and be patient. I know I have said that, but this practice comes easier for some than others. Everyone can do this. We love you and only want what is best for you.



Well said, John!

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