Wonders Never Cease

Ah yes, all the hoopla about 2012. End of the world and such, blah, blah, blah.  Shore up on vittles and be very scared because the Mayan calendar has ended. I personally think they left work for Happy Hour at the local watering hole and decided they were done with the project. I simply don’t believe the physical world will implode.

However, I can say, 2012 has brought life-shattering changes I never anticipated. Gargantuan changes in my personal life have left me preparing to seek full time employment, a very unwelcome event. As you may guess, I have been a bit down. (That was just the understatement of the year, folks.)

As I trudged along the street one day wondering how to bust out of my slump about the situation, I remembered watching Hitler fart videos on Youtube at other down times. Suddenly, there was a resounding “PPPFFFFTTTTT!!!” fart noise. My head whirled around to see who was behind me as I swiftly noted it sounded just like a Hitler fart from the video. I was the only one on the street.  I pulled my phone out, and lo and behold! A Hitler fart video was in full swing! Bear in mind that I had never, ever watched one of these fine pieces of fun on the phone. Never. Then I began to hear my grandpa talk to me (no, I am not addle-brained; I can communicate with the Spirit world.) He encouraged me about my situation, and as I began to walk up the sidewalk to our apartment, he suggested I lie in the soft, warm grass and let the evening sun soothe my body and soul. As he continued, he said, “Do you remember when you were in college, and I sent you letters and money just because I love you? Well, I am working overtime to help you be happy and make money now.” Then the phone rang…..it was the new client who I was waiting to hear from.

Moral of the story: those you love continue to be with you always, in ways you never dreamed, cheering you on from up above and offering help in myriad ways. And they even send fart videos—LOL!

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