Reiki for Pets–the Why, How, and All That Good Stuff

daisyNatural relief from physical and emotional discomfort is now available with reiki treatment. This non-invasive, gentle form of hands-on healing has been used for thousands of years across the globe. It is an excellent accompaniment to any medical treatment and a useful method for soothing pets emotionally during times of stress. Reiki can be used to maintain good health and emotional well-being for a pet who is currently free of symptoms.

Reiki works by increasing the life force energy and calming the mind. Animals and humans exude warmth and energy, but stress and illness cause a decrease in energy; the main energy centers of the body become blocked. By allowing this Universal Energy to flow into my hands, I then pass it along to your pet by laying my hands on certain positions of his or her body. Simply stroking and massaging the animal while the energy is flowing can be equally effective. Distance reiki can provide relief as well.  Your pet may feel tingling or warmth during the reiki, and the relaxation that most pets experience is highly therapeutic. Results will vary for each animal, as will treatment frequency and duration, and I welcome feedback from the sessions.

Some of the main benefits of reiki are shorter healing times when your pet is ill, alleviation of tension and anxiety through intense relaxation, release of muscle tightness, peaceful sleep, and elimination of pain or discomfort. Reiki can be performed at home, during or after surgery, or while your pet is recuperating at the vet’s office after a procedure.

I immensely enjoy sharing the art of reiki with both humans and animals, and I look forward to helping your beloved pet enjoy a longer and more fulfilling life. Reiki isn’t meant to replace veterinarian care, but to complement it.  To schedule an appointment, please call me at 317-440-8783.

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