A New Meaning for the Term “Quickie”!

Do you have little hills of books around your comfy bed? So many books–so little time! And there they recline…gathering dust like it is an Olympic sport. “One day I will read that,” you mutter as carelessly wipe the dust bunny on top of Mt. Self Help onto the floor. Here is my shortcut guaranteed to get you the most bang for your time outta that pile of books–you will whip through them in record speed.

First, turn on your intuition.

Next, simply hold a book you are dying to glean valuable advice from, and set the intention that you know exactly what chapters, pages, or even just paragraphs you most need to read which will serve your personal growth. If you hear chapters, IMMEDIATELY schedule time to read them. A “to-do” item never gets done until we schedule it. If pages and/or paragraphs are suggested, turn to them and read. Ask to receive the message you need quickly and efficiently. What do you need to do about what you have just read, if anything? Great. SCHEDULE IT! If action isn’t required, how can what you just learned benefit you? Invest just a few moments pondering this.

See? Told  ya it was quick!

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