Everyone Should Wear a Hello Kitty Cape!

Indeed! No, this isn’t the latest fashion trend to hit NYC. Karl Lagerfeld hasn’t designed Hello Kitty gear for Chanel, unfortunately. Donning this fabulous cape won’t earn you style accolades in any part of the country. Why? Because no one can see it!

Nay, Nay, didn’t put weed in my eggs this morning–this cape is actually one of the MOST effective methods of deflecting energy in stressful situations or large crowds for a highly intuitive person. And it is so easy! Simply imagine yourself ensconced in a black cape which covers your head, leaving only your pretty peepers peering out into the world. (I call it a Hello Kitty cape because I decorate mine with Kitty ears, nose, etc. It just makes me happy, and it is my cape–can decorate it any way that gives me my jollies.) Next, say, “I only sense the energy of love and only the energy of love is emitted from me.” C’est easy peasy, oui???

I can attest to the fact that this has saved my hide from energetic overload so many times. It is great to visualize before a funeral, an encounter with a perpetually negative relative, or in any situation in which you really, really need to ensure you don’t absorb the energy.

Sounds kooky, but it truly works! So, how are you going to decorate your cape, and in what situations will you need to “wear” it? Happy cape creating to you! Let me know how yours works.

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