Being Psychic is Nothing to Be Embarrassed About

SO many people begin a conversations with me with these exact words, whispered in hushed tones: “I would never tell anyone this but you……”  What? At first I wondered what the issue was. Did they fart in yoga? Do they have crabs from “the toilet seat”? Nope. Now I know precisely how this conversation will unfold; they will share their intuitive/psychic/whatever- you- wanna- call- it experiences. And they are ashamed and embarrassed, fearing others will think them nuttier than a fruitcake.

I can empathize. I used to be there. I just got over the problem like 2 days ago! Seriously! And I have been doing readings for 11 years. Why would I feel badly about using an inherent skill I was born with to help people live more happily and harmoniously? Because this wasn’t what I was “supposed” to be doing. I was “supposed” to be doing something more “brainy” and “respectable” to help folks, such as using the social work degree I have. I was raised knowing I was a smart little whippersnapper and was expected to use that intellect in a well-paying, consistent job with benefits. Yeah, I did it. I hated EVERY second of it! Some of the worst times of my professional life occurred while I had the initials MSW and LSW behind my name-master in social work and licensed social worker. I am so grateful I never have to return to that profession. Or another office job. Ack!!! I could spit up a hairball just thinking of it. Actually considered it a few weeks ago and immediately developed a splitting headache. My body knew that is the wrong place for me to serve humanity.

Instead, I choose to stick with a profession that many regard as sketchy at best, downright frightening at worst. The little girl in me has still been wanting badly to do the “right” thing and forget this! I scare some people! Some folks may not like me, and they don’t even know me! Little Annie, my inner child self, wasn’t buying into that….she wanted to please her parents and wanted everyone to like her, by damn! But after meditating, Buddhist chanting, and reading an Iyanla Vanzant article in the October issue of Oprah magazine, there was suddenly a shift–I feel comfortable with who I am and what I choose to do with myself now. I am not just a psychic medium…..Professionally I am also a skilled life coach and one hell of a personal stylist, solving wardrobe woes with glee and abandon! But personally, who I am on the inside, that is what matters WAY more than anything I do professionally. My kind heart, my passion for fun and laughter, goofy singing and dancing in the car…..those are aspects of me too. All very lovely, good, and gifted to me by Spirit, the energy who created us. If someone wants to judge me or other psychics because of the talents we have to help humanity, then they will just have to. What you think of me is none of my business.

So if your intuitive/psychic abilities cause you shame, please know that we all have them. Your inner voice is average, not an anomaly. ALL of us. Animals have it. It is our sixth sense, this internal radar which senses the energy in the air around us. Even my analytical, logical law professor of a spousal unit has it! It is our fear and judgment of it, taught to us by others, that causes us to shut it off.

So say it loud and say it proud, ” I see ghosts!” “I know when the phone will ring and who is on the line!” “I farted in yoga!” It’s all good, even a bit of wind while in downward facing dog.

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