The Meaning of Life

snuggieWell, the meaning of life isn’t just a marvelous movie from that pack of silly buzzards Monty Python. Thank goodness, right? Who wants to yak a thin wafer all over everything in sight? Gah! Odious! (But funny as hell to watch!) The meaning of life is fantastically way more mysterious, mystical, musical, etc. Here is my take on it:

I am a rather light-hearted soul, not prone to passing time pondering philosophy or profound mysteries (like why do hairdressers still give people mullets—LOL!) My brief exposure to a philosophy course in college resulted in a massive headache and a dropped class. I just couldn’t find the right answer to the question, “If you planted a chair and it sprouted, would it be a chair or would it be wood?” Who cares? I thought LSD wasn’t invented in Socrates or Plato’s time, whichever brainy ninny first posed this question.  No one who was sober would give a flying rat’s ass about that.

But I have somehow cured the cranial constipation plaguing me today and found I had an itching desire to write about this.

After some head scratching and brow scrunching, I decided the meaning of life is this: love. I do believe the Beatles had it right when they sang that all we need is love. Think about it—love heals, cures, and just generally makes us feel all tingly and jolly. It is one of our finest teachers of lessons in this life. Anyone who has ever loved and lost can attest to that. I have learned some of my toughest and just downright most ouchey lessons when I didn’t marry the man I thought I would (thank goodness!) . Witnessing the passing of my grandparents has been excruciating. Through it all, I found I was one strong little biddy, and that I could open myself to more love when I needed help. And that I could give it in return. What a blessing.

How can you add more love into the world today? Any old way you want!  However you choose to do it,  please don’t forget to heap it upon yourself. If we don’t love and care for ourselves first, it is really difficult to love and care for others in a healthy way. Happy loving to you!!

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