The Meaning of Life

snuggieWell, the meaning of life isn’t just a marvelous movie from that pack of silly buzzards Monty Python. Thank goodness, right? Who wants to yak a thin wafer all over everything in sight? Gah! Odious! (But funny as hell to watch!) The meaning of life is fantastically way more mysterious, mystical, musical, etc. Here is my take on it:

I am a rather light-hearted soul, not prone to passing time pondering philosophy or profound mysteries (like why do hairdressers still give people mullets—LOL!) My brief exposure to a philosophy course in college resulted in a massive headache and a dropped class. I just couldn’t find the right answer to the question, “If you planted a chair and it sprouted, would it be a chair or would it be wood?” Who cares? I thought LSD wasn’t invented in Socrates or Plato’s time, whichever brainy ninny first posed this question.  No one who was sober would give a flying rat’s ass about that.

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Can I Get a “HELL YEAH!!” for the Joys of Being Yourself?

IMG_0203Hell yeah! Being yourself is the only way to go. And ya kinda don’t have much choice as everyone else is already taken, right? So how do you go about the business of actually enjoying who you are? Many people don’t, sad to say. Here are some pointers from one who has struggled greatly with truly enjoying and appreciating who she is, both inside and out.

#1 Live and breathe by this quote: “Your opinion of me is none of my business.” Somewhere in your life, there most likely lurks someone who has a turdish opinion of you in some way. Your mom, an art reviewer who has seen the fruits of your creative labors, a holier-than-thou co-worker…….whoever. I don’t have folks in my personal life like this, but I certainly encounter them in my work as a psychic medium. People who consider me a Madame Cleo wanna be. Whatever. Their snide comments and looks don’t in any way negate my value as a person, or as a professional. It is simply their fear rising to the surface, and it is their problem. Continue reading “Can I Get a “HELL YEAH!!” for the Joys of Being Yourself?”