Accepting Your Intuitive/Psychic Abilities

Oh, boys and girls!!! If anyone was ever entitled to write a blog on this subject, it is surely moi!!! The path to accepting and embracing and TELLING OTHERS ABOUT my abilities has been long, full of arduous twists and turns, dark and scary like the Wizard of Oz’s flying monkeys, and it.still.continues.sometimes. But as I continue to see the benefits others receive from my abiliities, it gets easier to accept, embrace, and be dang tootin’ grateful for the joys of being intuitive and psychic. (FYI, intuitive is knowing something without knowing how you know. Psychic is being able to see past, present, and future; communicate with the Spirit world, and the other more “woo woo” activities.)

The fact that there was something unexpected about my consciousness presented itself with fireworks and a brass band 35 years ago. I shan’t bore you with the details, but here is the down and dirty on what happened: I had a dream that someone I vaguely knew of died in a certain manner. I awakened from it thinking, “That was weird.” Off I went about my summer break, farting about in the woods with my friends, reading books, and certainly never even considering the damn dream might come true!!!  Imagine my shock and chagrin as I perused the evening paper one night a month or two later. Holy. Crap. Same dude, in the way I saw it, dead as a mackerel! What was wrong with me!!!???? AHHHHH!!!

This was 1980. No way on earth for me to learn more about this other than by reading the paltry selection of books available at the Shelbyville Library. Connect with others whose brains worked the same? Not a chance. I knew nothing of what had just rattled my world. I simply hoped it would go the dickens away, and the quicker, the better. I was over being psychic before it had  even barely started!

But as the years ticked by, and more occurrences like this abounded, I luckily had access to more information about the “strangeness” in my head. I began wanting to develop it, see what I could do with it. And as they say, the rest is history.

Here is how I progressed from being scared crapless, embarrassed and hoping no one found out “about me” to (most days) loving who I am, what I do, and my opportunity to help others.

  1. I realized I was very average. My abilities are truly nothing out of the ordinary. So many of us have them! When I go to a networking meeting of our local holistic practitioners, half the room can do what I do. We are all regular people. None of us has horns growing out of her or his head.
  2. I educated myself extensively and was mentored (still am) by two older psychics in Indy. Whenever a question comes up, I know who to call. Having a teacher made a vast difference for me because they not only showed me the ropes, but gave me an idea of how I could help others. They “normalized” for me what was at the time very outrageous.
  3. “What other people think of you is none of your business.” Learn it, love it, live it! Some think I am dangerous, a liar, a scammer, or best of all, evil. From the devil. Okay. Whatever. None of that reflects on who I am or my work. I help people and animals live easier and happier lives, lives with more sass and joy.
  4. I am born and bred in Indiana, the middle finger of the bible belt. Many creative, super funky types move away to escape the chokingly conservative attitude here. You have to dig around just a bit to find the sub-culture, but we are here. I am blessed to know so many other individuals in similar professions. We make Indy a safe, welcoming space for those like ourselves.  Once you have a bevy of other free spirits to shine with, it just gets easier and so much more fun to be like this.

Are you intuitive or psychic and struggling with understanding and accepting it? I offer personalized intuitive development coaching. I partner with my spirit guides and yours to meet you right where you are in your process, and together you learn about your unique capabilities and how to get the most out of them. 317-440-8783. I work by phone too, so you just call me if I can help you.

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