Learning To Live Intuitively

Living intuitively, really listening to your own gut, guides or what have you, isn’t for the faint of heart. Or a stubborn chowder head like myself. I don’t want to listen, I want to do what i dang well tootin’ want to do! But I am seeing first hand how much easier life is when I follow my inner guidance in all aspects of my life. And really allow my life to happen in Divine Order, not “do”, push, and bitch it into Annie Order.

Living an intuitive existence requires this:

Trust  yourself. Know you are hearing your guidance correctly and be willing to act on it, whether it seems “logical” or not.

Being able to hear yourself. Shut your yapper. Be very still. Breathe. Watch what comes into your cranial space. Your answers and path are there; you just have to calm that arse and allow them to arise.

Tuning out everyone else who you know is thinking you are a jackass or nincompoop. I have a master’s in social work, and I read energy, talk to “dead” people and animals, and other assorted tasks that many find to be tomfoolery. Oh well. I know what is right for me.

Be ready for an adventure. Life will be mighty different than what you thought it was going to be. And so much dandier than you thought!

My intuition is asking that I get back into bed and rest for a spell because I am in need of lots of sleep and sitting still right now. So I shall do that and blog more on this topic another day.

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