Helping Your Hurting Heart

Oh my. The world is just a sucking a big one right now, isn’t it? Or it seems that way. Lotsa wound up, mean and hateful humans making a mess of innocent people’s lives. It is happening more and more in my own neighborhood too. Earlier in the summer,on the street behind our apartments,  a man was gunned down as he entered his car at 7:30 or so in the morning to go to work. Two young men were having it out with each other, and accidentally nailed him with a bullet instead. The young, pregnant wife of a pastor was sexually assaulted and shot in the head around 8:30 am a week or so ago. She leaves behind a grieving, confused husband and 2 year old son. They live only about 10 minutes from us.

Violence and venom from around the world and in my own backyard has left my heart feeling sore, sad, and beaten up. I can’t fathom such hate and blackness of heart. Thankfully! Not that I would want to!

I am not digging this painful heart at all, but I realize it is the natural outpouring of emotion in the face of despicable brutality. I would like to be happier and feel better. So here is what I am doing; maybe it will assist you too if you are struggling.


First of all, simply allowing myself to feel this and allow it to run its course is critical for me to process these events. I don’t personally know anyone whose life has been turned upside down and inside out by the spewing of hatred and bullets and bombs, but it doesn’t matter. We are all connected, and it is painful to see other humans endure such trauma. Not criticizing myself or trying to cover it up, truly being with what I feel, is the beginning of feeling less sad.

Asking for hugs from friends and family. Touching lights up our happy mojo, and I can use this right now.

Appreciating my own life even more. Now I am not the daughter of Daddy Warbucks- wasn’t born with silver spoon dangling from my cake hole. But I certainly have everything I need, most of what I really want, and I am happy (when I get my head out of my arse and refuse to focus on first world problems). I love my family and friends, have excellent insurance, joyful employment, and can control my chocolate consumption. 🙂 My existence is delightful, and I am being even more mindful of all that I have.

Pray for the world and those suffering. I am Buddhist and chant. I believe that energy moves as we guide it, and that my prayers combined with everyone else’s can prompt powerful change. Maybe that is all useless. So what. It isn’t hurting anyone.

Give to a refugee organization. Buy holiday gifts for a foster child. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary or nursing home. Doing a good deed benefits you and the recipient because it makes you feel calm and merry.

Look for good in the news. The online editions of Oprah magazine and Spirituality and Health have plenty of heartwarming tales. Laugh at total tomfoolery on Youtube, such as the Pastor Gas videos or Massengill douche commercials from the 70’s and 80’s.

Love yourself more. The kinder you are to you, the kinder you will be to others.

Last but not least, limit your consumption of social media and TV so you aren’t exposed to a continual barrage of negativity. It will wear you down.

So that is how my not-as-happy-as-I-wanna-be ass is handling all this today. What are you doing to brighten your world while the news blares more and more yuck?

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