Why Listening to Your Spirit Guides is a Groovy Idea!!!

Spirit Guides. They are rather like invisible parents, except they won’t punish you if you don’t do as your told. I can roll my eyes at them and make faces, and I rest assured that no one will deprive me of dessert after dinner. Heeding one’s intuition is a hot to trot concept as well, and one I find easier than taking action based on a Guide’s guidance. Intuition is that gut feeling that often warns us like a siren shrieking shrilly to stay away from someone we just met, or to take one job offer over another. I don’t recall bickering with myself over my intuitive hits. It is when I hear that Guide voice in my head offering assistance that I can get stubborn.

So why do I morph into a raging chowder head about what I receive via my Guides? It seems they are telling me something I don’t want to hear, rather like parents, but would be in my best interest. Now this isn’t true all the time, but it does happen. It can also be advice about my diet or sleep habits which I really don’t want to do. But need to. We are all blessed with free will so that we can screw up our lives in any way we see fit. Pfffttt…..  🙂

But as I get older and hear my Guides more clearly, I am very grateful that I have had the experience of listening to and heeding their words of wisdom.  Not that I follow every suggestion, for that is all their advice is…..suggestions. It does make my life easier and smoother when I do.

I am a multi-talented little piece of work, and I used to offer traditional image consulting as part of my business. I knew how to do it well, loved it and yearned to market it more. When I talked to them about it, all I continually heard was, “Quit doing that. It isn’t where you are supposed to be.” Now go eat my shorts, Guides! I do NOT want to quit doing this! That was my response fo’ sho’. As time skipped by merrily, farting in the breeze, I indeed began to agree with them. It wasn’t the best use of my talents. I adored watching women wiggle their tushies when we shopped together because they felt like a sassy vixen in their new attire. I couldn’t stay up with all the trends, know how to best dress all the myriad variations of lady size and shapes, and provide clients with the type of support and service I wanted. So I stopped. The doors have now opened to use my skills in a way that is so natural to me–working with animals who have people. I specialize in serving animals and their humans in resolving issues and being the happiest family unit they can.

So yes, I still choose to screw up, or improve, my life as I see fit, yet I know that the easiest route to where my petooty is traveling is through meditating and chatting with them. They know facts about my current situation that I don’t and can see my big picture in ways I can’t.

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