Violence and guns: The Choice Between Love and Fear

Yet more shootings in the US. Geez, I am stunned. NOT!!!

What I am,however, is more convinced that it might just be feasible to assume that some day I ,or someone I love ,might get blown to bits during yet another gruesome tragedy. My husband is a professor, and my sister-in-law a teacher. They are both in the perfect setting to die in front of the barrel of an automatic weapon. Even though we are in Indianapolis, it still could come to pass.

I could either wring my hands and worry my pretty blond locks (thank you, Salon Orange Moon for the coif), filling my being with the poison of fear, or I can handle the situation from the perspective of Love.

I choose Love. 

This is how I am adjusting to my new reality. I truly do my best to live each day as it is my last. I remind myself that this could be the last day of any number of folks who warm my heart and soul. I treat them as I would want to treat them, leaving nothing unspoken, every day, as much as I can. Especially my husband. We always hug and kiss at least am and pm. Sometimes it is a very speedy smooch and squeeze. I am as present as I can be during these times. I never leave the house without ensuring he knows I love him. I do all this from a space of love and profound appreciation for all he is and all he does in our relationship, not from freaking out that I may never see him again.

I am refusing to get a PT job so I have steady income as I build my business. Oh heck no! I only have so much time in this bag of bones to manifest my dream, and I am not spending  it doing anything other than the work I cherish.

I eat more slowly, relishing my tasty vittles, and I absolutely do not fret and foam at the mouth like I used to about my student loans.

I am traveling more in 2016 and finding ways to work while on the road. I do believe I emerged from the baby maker of my Mumsy with a charge card firmly gripped in one hand, a pair of dainty heels adorning my tiny feet, and clutching a suitcase in my other paw. I am consumed with a burning love of high heels, shopping, and traveling. So I am sporting my heels, snagged a leopard print coat at a minuscule price on Black Friday, and planning my trips.

And all the while, I expect, and do, get more out of my life. With each new mass shooting that shows up on my Facebook feed, I chant more for those involved, and determine to make the very most of every second I breathe. Though there is no way I can logically find anything remotely positive about all the current mess, I am at least spending my time in the way that most matters to me in case I am next. Hell, I could live to be an old geezer goosing people with my cane in a nursing home for all I know! Maybe not. Simply gonna appreciate what I got and share it with others rather than get my panties in a gargantuan wad worrying.




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