A Plumb Crazy Tale of Psychic Ability

So who else out there has psychic abilities? You can see past, present, and future, have jammin’ intuition that is always spot on, and so forth. Raise your paws!! Raise your paw if you are Sure! (and your underarm doesn’t reek like a barn yard beast). Ah so. I see many of you are. Well, do the following types of occurrences happen to you? If so, how do you handle them? Do share your tales and advice at the end of my story.

A few weeks ago, I was scheduling a client. I perused the Monday on my calendar she had requested and was preparing to pencil her in. Then, just like that, it was the dang sense of knowing. “DO NOT SCHEDULE ANYONE ON THIS DAY!” It was like the booming voice of the All Knowing Psychic Goddess briskly bellowing advice into my cranium. “Aw shit,” I thought, rolling my eyes like a premenstrual tween deprived of chocolate and her cell phone.  “What the hell is going on that day that I shouldn’t schedule her?” I read the energy. It was quite low–for that Monday and the next two days. When I asked what was going to happen on those low energy days, the booming Psychic Goddess darkly intoned, “Someone you love very much will die.” BUGGER!!! That is a vile way to start the new year!

That Monday (yesterday) rolled around. Everyone seemed healthy, Mumsy hadn’t called with the latest news of who was lolling about their death bed in her neighborhood, and it seemed like I had been wrong. *sigh* of huge relief. I drove gaily about my errands, waving at dogs sprinting down sidewalks, singing songs, and glad there wasn’t any more dumb old snow than what we had. Then it happened. Yep. It died. My car died. As I attempted to cross a busy Indy street, Miss Dior suddenly lost the ability to move forward–and backward! She rolled down the tiny hill we were parked on, and then sat there stubbornly. Fortunately, she started and provided heat, but would not damn well roll to or fro! After much cussing and near tears, the whirring noise my engine was singing made me throw in the towel and call a tow truck. Damn it! I was right! I love, adore, and cherish my teeny weeny brilliant blue Honda Fit, and my girl croaked on me in the midst of the Costco parking lot.

What made it all worse was that for around a week in December, every time I approached my car, I heard, “There is something wrong under the hood.  You need to get the car looked at it before it dies.” I responded with more eye rolling and muttered that I was much too busy to take a car which ran perfectly well to the shop. Bah humbug to my intuition. Pfffftttt…..(insert farting noise here.) I just forgot all about that until yesterday.

It is highly annoying to hear such information, ignore it, and have it be right. Does this ever happen to you? What do you do in these circumstances?

Mind you, I do sometimes receive information that is blatantly wrong. Usually I am correct, but it does happen that what I sense does not come to pass.

I highly suspect that I should slow my life down, meditate more, and learn to ask my intuition more questions.

Or perhaps I should imbibe more Riunite on ice…because that’s nice. LOL!

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