I Bet Your Car’s Aura Stinks!

IMG_0886 (1)Yes, Indeed I do! I would bet a crap load of $$$ on that fact. How do I know? ‘Cause most folks don’t clean the energy in and around their ride. Why would ya, you may be pondering as you scratch your chiny, chin, chin?

(Here is a fascinating aside–as usual, I digress. When was a young lass on the playground surrounded by a bevy of additional young lads and lasses, we concocted the brilliant idea that if someone tickled you under your chin, and you grinned, then you were pregnant. The jaunty rhyme accompanying that was,”Tickle, tickle under your chin, if you are pregnant, you will grin.” Alright. Enough of that shit. On with the blog….)

It never occurred to me to cleanse my car’s energy until one day I placed my bum into the driver’s seat and prepared to transport my carcass off to somewhere. My energy had felt rather feisty and fresh when I exited my crib, but I was abruptly in the mood for a long nap upon entering my wagon. “What the hell is up with this,” I muttered to self, scrunching my nose up as if sniffing a White Castle fart. Then it hit me! I was utterly drained the day before. My gnarly, tired, saggy ass energy was lingering in the car, dragging me down again that day. I took it upon myself to high tail it back into crib, grab my sage bundle, and trot back to the car. Looking like a massive loon (and not giving one whit about it), I excitedly lit the stinky bundle, waving it about the interior. Next, I cavorted gaily about the car’s exterior, cleansing any foulness that might have been lingering.

After depositing the sage back in the kitchen, I once again placed posterior into driver’s seat and read the energy. Schwing! Success! Yesterday’s droop had disappeared! Away I drove to do God knows what, yodeling Prince at the top of my lungs, and probably driving over curbs as I allowed my vision to be entranced by flowers or fuzzy canines.

I now have a cobalt blue spritzer bottle of Young Living’s Purification oil combined with purified water on hand at all times in my ride. If have been cranky or otherwise in a foul mood, I sure take care of the energy left behind by spraying the air when I get in the next day. In my business, I make house calls. If I have a particularly highly charged session with a client, I spritz when I am ready to leave so energy from that doesn’t linger.

After all, if you are from the midwest or other such locale where you have to drive to accomplish anything, you spend way too much time in your car. Just as you would cleanse your smelly body, and its energy, you will benefit from cleaning the energy in and around your car. Try it! If nothing else, the neighbors will wonder what the bloody sod you are up to.

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