Top 3 Reasons To Receive a Psychic Reading

Need a reason to get a psychic reading? Well, here’s a good one I borrowed from your mama: “Because I said so.” HA HA! (Insert uproarious laughter soundtrack from cheesy sitcom.)

As I prepared to write this, I pondered why clients seek my services. Here are some of the big arse causes of my phone ringing: 

  1. Typically they want information about the romantic, financial, career, and health sections of their lives from someone who can show them the whole picture. Trust me, counselors are phenomenal in helping us to steer our life in the best direction. Mine is fairly intuitive. But can she see energy the way I can for people? No. I am privy to knowledge that they have no awareness of themselves, or they have forgotten. This provides a clear perspective on their situations so they can take the most appropriate action to reach their desired outcome.
  2. The spiritual perspective an intuitive adds to his/her guidance is a big plus for many clients. They desire to know the spiritual lessons behind their life events; they long to know what guidance their Spirit Guides have to share; they want to know how to connect with their Guides and intuition themselves.
  3. Connecting with their loved ones in the Spirit realm helps with grieving. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for those who don’t have closure with their loved ones to finally attain that.

You may also wonder why does a psychic consult another psychic? I go when I feel I can’t hear my own Guides and intuition worth a fart. Usually, I can get information for myself just dandy. But every now and again… head is lost in space, and I need someone to help me fetch a clue.

Why do you like to see psychics?

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