How to Spot a Scamming Psychic

The other day I happened to spot this ad whilst I was out tra la la-ing about. Warning bells screeched in my mind as I finished reading it, and  I shook my head in disgust.  I knew that this would be the basis for a blog informing readers how to know when you have a stinker of a psychic in front of you.

IMG_1088 (1)

Gosh darn, where do I even begin with this? (Scratches head.)

I shall commence with the phrase “wishes and prayers answered.” Dear reader, only YOU, yes, YOU, can answer your own wishes and prayers. Yes, you can meditate, chant, pray, positively vibrate, etc., but you must do something in order for anything to occur–even if that something is merely a thought coupled with intention. Thoughts are some powerful little boogers, but that is a topic for another day. It boils down to the fact that absolutely no other human is going to answer your wishes and prayers in a way that absolves you of the responsibility of running your own show.

Can stop divorce? Remove “bad luck”? Ewww. This simply reeks of one human being portraying themselves as more powerful than they could ever be. I feel this person is probably earning a fat wad of dough from desperately miserable clients willing to pay any amount of $$ to someone claiming to possess these abilities. That makes me sad. Frequently, people in crisis or severe distress seek my services, and I can’t imagine telling them I can heal everything and make the pain go bye bye. Because I can’t. I can provide insight, hope, and advice, but they are the ones in charge of their unique situation. That is the way it should be.

Here is another fool proof way to smell a stinker: your gut tells you something is off. You feel uncomfortable with the person. You squirm in your seat, thinking you need to get out of there. Guess what? You do! Scram asap!

Anyone who tries to sell you a candle to remove bad luck, a crystal possessing super extraordinary powers, anything that seems outrageously too good to be true….all of these are signs to fuhget about it, baby, and hit the happy trails!

So how do you keep an open mind to new, fascinating experiences while protecting yourself from those who really don’t have your best interest in mind at all? Listen to yourself. Any sense of ickiness, that familiar warning bell from your gut, and/or a sense of your energy contracting to the opportunity tell you to move it away from the person. Being scared yet exhilarated, feeling like the Universe is giving you the green light to move forward, whatever your sensation is that signals you are heading the right direction….these all let you know that someone is legit.

Adios until next week, mi amigos…..




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